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Police in Ohio say at least 9 dead, 16 wounded in another mass shooting
Associated Press
Published: 04.08.19, 11:36
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1. America - you need gun control - urgently !
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.04.19)
2. I guess American public does not understand plain English,
somebody must try to explain to it, that there is a connection between gun ownership & carnage.
In what language: THAT is the obvious question.
3. "The problems are weapons of war."
Wrong, Porky, the weapons aren't the problem. Without someone loading, locking and firing the weapon, the weapon in itself is as useless and meaningless as you are. But give such a weapon to a disturbed, violent, hateful American who spends too much time posting hateful garbage on certain websites, and this is the result. How many automatic weapins do you have hidden away in anticipation of "doomsday", Porky?
4. No evidence means nothing happened.
NYC   (08.06.19)
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