Jennifer Lopez did more for Israel's image than any politician ever could
Raz Shechnik
Published: 04.08.19, 15:03
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1. JLo's a class act. Nothing more needs to be said.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.04.19)
But I will anyway!

While her beach shot in her bikini is fabulous, (what is she, like 25??!!), I've been on that beach myself and Israel has thousands of equally amazingly beautiful women! And most can handle an M16 as well!! How can you top that??!

Bravo JLo. Bravo Israel!

2. she was brainwashed
mahmood abas`   (08.04.19)
this article is the definition of bubbe meises or grandma's stories. literally noone in israel heard of jaylo coming or any of her positive message other than the media pressing it. also btw a celebrity coming to israel and only seeing tel aviv is the equivalent of propaganda and if she makes conclusions based on that she probably has a small brain or doesnt know mamish anything about the conflict.
3. We love you back Jennifer !
wyse@bressler.co.il ,   hadera   (08.04.19)
And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make
4. # 2.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.04.19)
The one with the small brain is you. Lopez visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem & prayed there. Can you not see her on a camel? Look at the picture here.
5. A professional and great Artiste. A real mench.
Alan ,   SA   (08.04.19)
6. She appears better than her "image" dissipated in Hollywood?
7. True but...
Also the backstreet boys
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