With new tank program, IDF in no rush to go fully robotic
Published: 04.08.19, 20:33
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1. Robotic weaponry is good for decoy and diversion
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.04.19)
The real battle has to be done by human troops who put their lives at risk but will always be much more capable than robots will ever be
2. New armored vehicle
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   netanya   (08.05.19)
The pictured vehicle seems motivated by a similar picture recently published to illustrate a new armored Russian tank with a 40 mm. cannon. The three vehicles shown seem to have strong similarities to the Eitan APC. The major change from the Eitan APC seems to be that the body of the each of the vehicles seems to be cut short so the vehicle cannot be used as a supply vehicle if Israel wishes to campaign in Lebanon/Syria. Note that the Russian tank is fully robotic if my memory is correct. Note also that according to last reports in Globes the IDF could not make up it's mind whether to produce the Eitan in the US or Israel.
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