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Deadly attack on Texas shoppers to be treated as domestic terrorism
Associated Press
Published: 04.08.19, 22:04
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1. Now what?
because. word. declaring this white supremacist's murderous actions a hate crime is only the beginning. (BTW it won't bring back any of the people he murdered)
it is time to make changes, licensing is a good beginning,
limiting high power weapons is a good beginning,
best thing to do is to change the 2nd Amendment.
because word...a well trained militia doesn't murder unarmed civilians.
because word...a well trained militia doesn't murder unarmed women and children.
2. keep your distance from the 2nd Amendment, #1
Cameron   (08.05.19)
Sacred ground.

The arise of grim incidents will not be used as a vehicle or rationale for striking down one of our oldest & most enshrined Constitutional rights for citizens in the Republic.
3. a single man does not a movement make
C   (08.05.19)
extremist movements have existed for centuries in the western world.

extremist movements are both of the left and of the right.
however, media propaganda does not acknowledge left wing extremism.

patrick crusius had his own personal demons. his father admitted to
forty years of drug and alcohol abuse which destroyed his family.

the toxic political environment in the west, including the united states,
unleashed patrick's demons which led to the horrific mass murder
in texas.

the media would be well advised to stop their hatred of politicians
and political parties. propaganda is not the role of the media.
no one should ever forget that the nazis and communists used
propaganda as their first, most powerful tool in grabbing the
levers of state power.
4. No evidence of a single death or shot or wound.
NYC   (08.06.19)
5. Maybe if these crisis actors cry harder and hug each other..
NYC   (08.06.19)
more strongly somebody will actually believe in this theatre of the no evidence absurd.
6. Dark Web Instagram films show three shooters without beards.
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
The patsy arrested has a beard. ALL of the shooters arrested in the last 30 years in mass shootings had one thing in common: they were taking SSRI and SNRI prescription anti-depressants that should be taken off the market. Dr. Julian Whitaker was saying that in the 1990's when at least four books were on the market about that factor. Such anti-depressants cause some people to become suicidal or homicidal which are not acceptable side effects. Time to go back to the Tricyclic anti-depressants like Triavil and Elavil that cause a dry mouth that can be countered by Cogentin 2mg Rx's.
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