Social media users mock Likud's petition proclaiming loyalty to Netanyahu
Published: 05.08.19, 11:46
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1. When it's funny-it's funny and it is funny :-) BUT: make no
mistake , we love our "Bibi"....!!!!
2. it takes one to know one
martin   (08.05.19)
most of us have our own weaknesses and faults. bibi is one messed up persona. Here are some examples:

when he fired livni and lapid, he did it through someone else, not being able to do it directly.

according to reports about his interaction with mossad dagan, he asked for 100% guarantee to whicch dagan said there was no such operation that could be 100% guaranteed. bibi then abandoned the operation. a commando does not understand there is no such guarantee??? what are we dealing with here?

He tells the settlers one thing. look at his reoord. he has done almost nothing on builidng no matter his words. he seemilingly lies constantly.

Now he exhibits paranoia by asking his l ikud party to sign a loyatly pledge???. Really. I would tell him to jump in the lake, I would not sign anything of the sort.

Gantz and lapid are no answer since they will sacrifice defensible borders.Bennett would be the best leader for Israel. perhaps Lieberman forcing the issue will see bibi leave the stage for some other leader.
3. Bibi has been in power WAY too long
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.05.19)
He has done a good job in many ways but he is showing signs of very poor judgment. Clearly he now surrounds himself by complete “yes men”.
4. Caligula
Umish ,   Ft laud   (08.06.19)
Ave Caeser Bibi. ut et regnabit pro M annis
5. N.Koreans Love & Respect Kim Jong Un as their LEADER
TheWall   (08.06.19)
They do not see him as a "dictator". Western media spreads
Millions of Lies and tobs of misinformation about "terrible" lives
condition people live in. ALL LIES.
6. Leading the progress
Joshua Marrano ,   Gibraltar UK   (08.06.19)
It seems that in Israel the breach between the right and left parties is one of the largest in the world, surpassing countries as polarized as Spain, where insult and defamation is the most common type of communication. I am sure that some Spanish parties must be following this electoral campaign very closely to learn the revolutionary combat, survival and evasion techniques that are now being developed in Israel.
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