Palestinian app helps drivers avoid Israeli checkpoint bottlenecks
Published: 05.08.19, 12:58
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1. We need one too...
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon, Israel   (08.05.19)
Waze often leads the unsuspecting Israeli driver into a hostile village where the consequence can be stoning of the vehicle or worse and sometimes involves an emergency military extraction.
2. It shows Pals R determined to live despite brutal J.ugliness
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.05.19)
3. Arabs attempt to annex the territory of west bank
C   (08.05.19)
the arabs are attempting to subvert sovereignty agreements on the
territory of the west bank.
netanyahu needs to respond swiftly and state israel's intention to
annex legally whole or parts of the territory of the west bank.

israel is a sovereign nation and member of the united nations.
sovereign israel cannot allow foreigners to determine her borders.
4. If checkpoints can be circumnavigated, then
what is the point? Normal people get frustrated and terrorists find their way around.
5. Good, next: an App that makes them avoid Israel altogether!!
6. How about App that shows them directions to REAL Palestine?!
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