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Trump calls on U.S. lawmakers to pass gun background check law
Published: 05.08.19, 14:26
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1. YNET reporting on half his morning bathroom tweet
Trump wants to tie firearms legislation with immigration reforms. What an immoral looser. Approx. 350.000.000 registered firearms in the US with no mandatory periodic inspection and physiological testing. Who knows how many illegal firearms are in circulation. A first and easy step.
2. Not enough to develop new gun laws - must also
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.05.19)
investigate those that have multiple supply of guns and ammo at home or on their premises. How many guns do people need to keep in their homes?
For instance, the Connecticut shooting years ago, with a young mentally kid who had a vast supply of guns and weapons at his mother's home. Why?
Anyone who has a fetish that needs to collect guns, they should keep them in locked up places.

And then, there is the black market - how can America find and collect these illegal weapons ?

If the government (Dems or Reps) don't find a method to wipe out this madness, then the gun-carrying mentally ill will take control .
3. Yeah - they enforced stricter drug laws as well...
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.05.19)
How's that working out for them!

Enforcing stricter gun laws is only taking care of the problem - it's not going to solve the solution.
4. US gun violence and guns
C   (08.05.19)
the second amendment to the us constitution guarantees citizens
to bear arms.
the reason for this guarantee is to protect ordinary citizens
against despotic autocratic states.
wherever the state bans gun ownership, the citizens are left
at the mercy of totalitarian states: nazi germany, communist
russia, maoist china, etc....
however, given recent events in the united states, some restrictions
should apply, including the proposal by president trump.
5. Erwin Rosen, FB, not true
C   (08.05.19)
there were more mass murders under the obama presidency.
there was much more foreign linked terrorism, starting almost
as soon as obama was elected.
6. I don't see dead people.
Sixth Sense ,   NYC   (08.06.19)
7. No evidence or proof of even one death, wound, shot etc..
NYC   (08.06.19)
8. You can fool some of the people some of the time....
NYC   (08.06.19)
and some of the people all of the time but you can't fool me with this staged public theatre of the transparently absurd.
9. Hooters Owl tells it is a Masonic Operation of fakery.
NYC   (08.07.19)
10. Dayton was antifa Warren supporting leftie. Why censor?
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