What Netanyahu can learn from Ben-Gurion
Yifat Erlich
Published: 11.08.19, 19:08
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1. Ynet geniuses lecturing again. Actually PM behaves like BG.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.11.19)
There is nothing different.

Ben Gurion hung on to power as long as he politically could for the benefit of the country and so does Netanyahu who is the second best PM of Israel.

Ben Gurion was also constantly attacked by the opposition and inside his party for relatively minor transgressions.

There is no need to change a still very capable leader just for the sake of it.
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.11.19)
If it aint broke don't fix it !
3. Step down? Netanyahu is just getting started
Jake   (08.11.19)
He had to wait 8 years for a less hostile President, and he won the lottery with Trump. Everything he has done in the meantime, economically, diplomatically, and militarily, is unfinished. He needs one or two more terms to finish his transformation of Israel.
4. YES!
doda ,   Givataim   (08.11.19)
5. forget about it
hal   (08.11.19)
at some point,a major Gaza operation will be needed with intense ground operations.With bibi, this can never happen.It is my opinion that he is a coward and shrinks from any thought of ground warfare.

So the idf will be hiding behind the backs of civilians who will bear the brunt as they are now doing.

A new pm is needed. Bennett would be the best choice. Yet barkat and saar would be far superior to bibi.
6. what we all can learn from ben gurion,
he died,
7. Netanyahu (and all of Israel) should learn from DBG
Jake   (08.12.19)
When Ben-Gurion declared independence Jews were vastly outnumbered by Arabs in the Land of Israel, but that didn't stop him from liberating& holding every inch possible.

Today Israeli leaders quibble about one-state vs. two-state eventhough Jews are a growing 67% majority from river to sea (excluding Gaza)

If Ben-Gurion had the opportunity to integrate all of Israel including Judea/Samaria, while maintaining a 67% Jewish majority, he would not have hesitated for one minute.

Israel must rediscover the Zionist spirit of Ben-Gurion and achieve victory. We have the means, we only lack the will.
8. Go live in SdeBoker!
Avi L.   (08.13.19)
9. To mention Ben Gutio and Bibi in the same sentence is a sin
Raffi   (08.14.19)
While Ben gurion devoted his life for the establishing of the jewish state, to a democracy, to form a united society from people who came from all over the world, sometimes without means, Bibi does quite the opposite, he tears the Israel's society into tribes, letting them fight on one a other. He is the great threat on our exsitence.
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