Israelis see PM as strong on security, weak on integrity
Published: 05.08.19, 17:13
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1. Does Israel need a Tsadik or an Action Man to be P M?
Alan ,   SA   (08.05.19)
2. Until Moshiyah arrives we'll do with next best: Bibi of ours
3. INTEGRITY SHMINTEGRITY..Bibi keeps us safe !
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.05.19)
4. Would one call Bibi's action in Gaza "strong on security" ?
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.05.19)
He's strong on those parties not attacking Israel.
5. This is exact reason to vote for Arab list.Do the right thin
ironbutterfly   (08.06.19)

6. Folks, as much as we'd love a "Victory" over Gazan ghouls,
returning to administrating & policing that cesspool again would have been very bad for our economy (never mind human lives).
Economy is the King.
Without it, we'd still be proudly displaying our Glorious Jaffa Oranges at World Fairs...(and waiting 10 years for a telephone line, as we used to)
7. It's a virtual word-game now: "strong on this/weak on that,
sweating/dictator" & so on.
All this, while Netanyahu goes from strength to strength, to immense chagrin of the Left, that realizes it has less chances at power than a snowflake in Hell.
8. Strong and Stronger
Freida ,   Sderot   (08.06.19)
Oh, well! Again the rhetoric's from the left strike the penmanship. Bibi, is the best that ever happen to Israel. No wonder we are one of the 10 leading countries in the world. The Israeli currency is getting stronger as the day passes bye. All this slander strategy to make him look like a delinquent while hasn't been proven yet and will not be proven because there is nothing there totally. In simple words no one believes is except the left that wishes to take command of the country and bring it back into the Histadrut, Elite Ashkenazy endeavor. But Bibi is strengthening his leadership a leadership that has no rival for the time being. Eat sour pickles the leftist in the meantime.
9. bibi disappears any time shots are fired
ed   (08.06.19)
gen ashkenazi says bibi disappears anytime shots are fired. he is right on the mark. bibi says it is in Israel's interest for it to do everything possible to avoid a major war. Why? this is precisely the problem. bibi in his own skin is afraid of war and so subjects Israel to endless skirmishes. he has shown himself unable to finish the job.

he is no Mr security and neither is lapid, peretz.

bibi is a diploma and an excellent political operator. he is not in my judgement a battlefield soldier and seems to know nothing, zilch about how to attack the enemy. If i had anything to say in the idf, i would have had him discharged out of the idf or transferred to desk duty.

Israelis keep electing weaklings. they need strong candidates to take on Hezbollah and Iran.
10. golden nailed it 100%
ray   (08.06.19)
goldin in a speech said that the Israeli leadership has been cowardly in not going on the offensive to return the dead idf soldiers held by hamas. He nailed it exactly and said netanyahu- is a military coward.

gantz and yaalon attended the memorial service for idf soldier goldin. the only problem here is that gantz and yaalon teamed with netanyahu in protective edge . they were all formally criticized by shapira. they stopped short, all of them. so how do gantz and yaalon improve israel's situation since they were in league with bibi.
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