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Trump says he wants stronger gun checks but gives no details
Associated Press
Published: 05.08.19, 17:53
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1. America needs real leadership to make changes
Trump wants to tie firearms legislation with immigration reforms. What an immoral looser. Approx. 350.000.000 registered firearms in the US with no mandatory periodic inspection and psychological testing. Who knows how many illegal firearms are in circulation. A first and easy step.
2. He‘s condemning himself
Rich ,   Toronto   (08.05.19)
because he‘s a racist & bigot! Don‘t expect to see any changes in violent America!
3. No evidence except crying and hugging.
NYC   (08.05.19)
4. Shootings? More no evidence noise, nobody died.
NYC   (08.05.19)
The noise and emotions are the point, democracy that's been over for a long time. But you don't have to be stupid, think logically and don't fall for the stories without thinking logically and empirically.
5. How about better checks of those who come across the borders
Rivkah   (08.14.19)
legally and illegally instead of attacking every veteran who goes to a V.A. Hospital for care because such people are now required to take a psychotropic drug that causes many who taken them to become murderous or suicidal? How about going back to tricyclic antidepressants for children and teens and adults instead of the SSRI and SNRI drugs that cause people to suicide themselves or murder people.
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