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Iran: Further breach of nuclear deal in one month unless Europeans act
Published: 05.08.19, 20:15
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.06.19)
IN EU.They will do anything for it. I'm so glad to see Trump treat EU like the backstabber that it has always always been. Let the mullahs keep confiscating tankers. EU desrves to pay teh ransom that the mullahs will ask for them.
2. Iranian regime sounds desperate
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.06.19)
Something else much worse is going on there in addition to the severe economic crisis.

The Mullahs may be fearing for their lives.
3. above
moishe   (08.06.19)
the tail wagging the dog.
Ezekial Haim ,   London   (08.06.19)
So quickly Muggerheni , the EU and including Britain France Germany,plus China and Russia have so quickly become irrelevant in JPOA with Iran.While the latter has been reduced to send its foreign minister with his ridiculous smirk to threaten the wolrd with his uranium spinners and heavy water.The mullahs with their smirking minister are sending Iran to the dark ages while they keep spinning uranium which one day will explode in their faces.
5. Terroristic threats is terrorism
this human   (08.06.19)
Humanity should formulate a premptive prohibitive response to these threats. Will we cower to the threats of these few or will humanity defend ourselves? Humanity must provide humanity liberty from terrorists, whatever the cost.
6. European Extortion
umish ,   ft liquordale FL   (08.06.19)
Europeans have to walk away from Iran. No good will come of siding with them against us. If not then let Trump put sanctions on European companies and prevent their market access here. We will live without Europe.
7. No problem, everything is under control!
Draig Goch ,   Portsmouth, VA, USA   (08.09.19)
The United Kingdom and the United States are keenly aware that Iran is like a huge malignant tumor that, with the help of some European nations, Russia and North Korea, has slowly growing on the back of the world.

Iran almost reached the point to be like Adolf Hitler plus a few dozen ICBM vectors.

Last 4th of July, thanks to the bold leadership of the UK, the passivity of the world came to an end.

Today it can be said that the firm Alliance between the UK and the US is determined to extirpate that cancerous hump in the most painless way possible.
8. What beautiful is love!
Ursula ,   Ashford, UK   (08.10.19)
Looking at the first photo of this article, everyone can see what a good couple Mogherini and Zarif make.

Actually, Europe and Iran seem to be aware of how lucky they are to have found each other.

Any of both must be crying out to his god to not allow what he has joined, a man (Trump) now come to separate it.
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