Smotrich softens stance on Israel being ruled by Jewish law
Moran Azulai
Published: 06.08.19, 11:20
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1. Why does it have to be so damn hard!!!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.19)
Why can't people be as religious as they want - WITHOUT BEING FORCED to live a religious life. The datim don't HAVE to travel on Saturday - they don't HAVE to eat out on Saturday - but I want to do those things - so they need to turn the other way - it's tough luck. Seculars couldn't care less about them being in bet knesset all day - why the fudge should they care what we are doing? This isn't going to end well - it needs to stop!
2. You see why "God" isn't such great idea? It flourishes where
darkness & lack of real knowledge and education rules.
Yes, there are great and deeply insightful facets to some religious aspects of life, but the main problem and it's a HUGE one: while liberals can live happily with religious and nudists, the religious, having monopoly on "truth" will never tolerate deviation from their dogma.
That's the crux and essence of "beliefs".
Sad and dangerous for free people on this Earth!
3. Smotrich is just a chauvenist pig in a kippa
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.06.19)
Sure, Smotrich, you can have your "halachic state" so long as I'm the rabbi who is ruling what is halachic and what isn't. This is a pig of a man who calls religious girls whores for serving in the IDF (he used the word "impure" - which is the same as calling them whores).
He is not a religious Jew, he's an ass pretending to be a religious Jew. He also believes democracy should not be taught in schools and he wanted to me minister of education.
If he and his ilk are in power, then yes, Israel will be a Taliban state because is next step will be to ban women from working, then from getting university educations.
4. Liberals actually do have a problem with religious and nudes
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.06.19)
Liberals used to be tolerant. Now they are not. Go to America and you see progressive liberals who are anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and support a Palestine where freedom of speech and press do not exist, nor LGBT rights - yet liberals support it and demand the deconstruction of Israel.
5. new pm for israel
harry   (08.06.19)
unless united right wins many seats ie more than 20, there will likely be a new pm. the public i believe is fed up and sick of bibi with his phony Mr security image-he is far from it. while they do not like gantz and especially lapid, a recycled olmert security dunce, they want a new pm.

making matters worse for bibi, the public is sick of his wife and her alleged interventions true or otherwise. if bibi had told the public that his wife is part of his decision making team,t hey would never have voted him in. alone he is very weak and collapses under any kind of pressure. even now he sucks up to sisi of egypt.

Bennett is a better choice as is barkat. as for loyalty pledges, bibi can kish mir in tuches . those who give it are weaklings.
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