Police recommend criminal charges against deputy health minister
Eli Senyor
Published: 06.08.19, 13:34
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1. Repugnant vile man needs to go to prison for a long time
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.19)
He is a lower life form.
2. Calls himself a Jew
Gracey ,   Israel   (08.06.19)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha He isn't a Jew, he is the devil incarnate - scum.
3. If guilty of these charges, as an example he should get life
not because he's haredi but ESPECIALLY because he's (supposedly) haredi!
4. No wonder
Oliver ,   Eilat   (08.06.19)
No wonder he is so buddy buddy with Bibi.Crocks stick together.
5. the light of the nations is disconnected
until after the elections, they are voting in huge numbers this time so dont waste your vote)
6. He's complicit punish him 2 the full extent of the law!
7. "unlawful influence on psychiatrists".
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.06.19)
The same method that tries to frees some Haredi youth from the draft. The connection between Haredis and psychiatrists needs to be checked
8. No shame in the country anymore
pgr   (08.07.19)
For this creepy slug, and all the rest of their sorry, equally crooked colleagues, it's business as usual. They don't resign in shame because they have none. They consider it their holy right to conduct their dirty business without the tiniest bit of shame.

But the biggest shame of all is that there remains a small majority of citizens who feel no shame in continuing to keep these despicable creatures in power.

That says a lot about how parents have brought up their children in Israel: to have no respect for law or for simple honesty. The crookedness goes all the way from the top to the lowest in the pecking order. "Everyone does it" is the common refrain.

Every time I hear the garbage about "light unto the nations" I want to just puke.
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