Far-right education minister seeking to sway tone of civic studies
Adir Yanko
Published: 08.08.19, 22:28
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1. Ynet part of the PC fascism. Define far right........
2. What, no Nakba studies?! How dare you, Zionists!
3. More Zionism, stick to Darwin and we'll be OK!
4. Don't call it far right
Claude ,   Katzrin   (08.09.19)
Far right is different, call Religious Ideology, that's the proper description.
5. Patriotism and Zionism should be prominent in studies
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.09.19)
Patriotism and Zionism should be a prominent part of academic studies. Impressionable children should never be victims of the far left and it's sick "nakba and occupation" propaganda.
6. Why is he referred to as "Far Right Wing?"
Esser Agaroth ,   Greater Tel Aviv   (08.12.19)
Now, Rabbi Rafi Peretz as Minister of Education? The first fear which pops into my mind regarding Rafi Peretz as Minister of Education is the strengthened indoctrination of our children into diehard State loyalty. I believe that the concept of refusing IDF orders which violate the Torah will not be increasingly demonized. Rather this concept will be erased from memory completely. The idea that there can ever be a conflict between the Torah and Israeli State law will become a mantra drilled into kids' heads, even more than it already is.

Settlers (real settlers, not suburbanites) daring to open semi-private schools will be increasingly scrutinized. Yeshivas even thinking about teaching anything controversial, such as the Mishneh Torah's Laws of Avodah Zarah or Laws of Kings and their Wars, will be taken over, or simply shut down. The agreement on "status quo between religion and state" only strengths my fears.
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