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Rabbi and his 2 sons spat at, cursed in Munich
Associated Press
Published: 06.08.19, 14:41
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1. Far right-LOL LOL LOL All since the new arrivals.No????
Alan ,   SA   (08.06.19)
2. This reminds me of the good old, pre-intifada days, when
stone throwing was front page news!
Wait until blood runs down Europe’s streets, Jewish blood!
3. Important note
Pitrell ,   Germany   (08.06.19)
A German here.

We look almost all with shock at this development and have to note for the sake of fairness and truth what this article as well as almost every daily newspaper in Germany regularly conceals. This incident, as well as almost all incidents of this kind, was committed by Arab migrants. Partly with a German passport, partly as refugees.
We have an enormous problem in importing anti-Semitism, which is not based on the overcome National Socialism, as the swastika in your contribution indicates, but exclusively on Islam.

Also, all crimes from the Islamist camp are included in our statistics as right-wing extremist crimes without mentioning the perpetrator's origin, because one hopes to take the argument of racist prejudices with it.

As a seriously concerned German citizen who knows how to be in deep friendship with Israel, I ask you to take this into account in your future reporting.
4. Best not to attack leaders of congregations. HaShem does not
Rivkah   (08.07.19)
forgive that.
5. What the hell is a Jew doing in Germany?
Al   (08.07.19)
That land is cursed forever.

Some Jews are just plain dumb!

6. I remember....
Mikesailor ,   Miami   (08.08.19)
That Jews spit on various and sundry Christian religious figures in Jerusalem almost daily. Funny how that rarely makes the papers. Never heard it has stopped.
7. We’re they Arabs or Germans?
David ,   New york   (08.12.19)
8. but our 'leasders' and rabbis keep saying take in more
Gary Selikow   (08.13.19)
I have to always myself why, oh why, European Jewish 'leadership' and the rabbis keep demanding Europe take in more muslim refugees and telling us Muslims and Jews in Europe are 'natural allies' when they keep attacking us?
What is the game of these 'community leaders' and 'rabbis'?
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