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Israel’s lessons for gun violence in U.S.
The Media Line
Published: 09.08.19, 23:54
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1. The article misses the main point about weapons in Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.10.19)
Gun owners in Israel are much more aware of safety issues concerning handling guns and how precious life is because almost all of them serve in the military where they receive thorough training while in the US almost all gun owners don't other than maybe taking a short gun safety course.
2. Israel also has an annual tax due on each owned gun.
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.10.19)
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.10.19)
4. Frankly: what the US has, we don't need & what we can offer
they don't want, so.....?!
Second amendment is ingrained in every American's mind,- that's something other people cannot understand (for good reasons) but that's irrelevant.
Each and every individual/group/nation has right to choose own poison.
5. journalist
Joe ,   Mevasseret Zion   (08.10.19)
The article misses the main point which is there are no mass shootings in Israel like the USA for a very simple reason - the average citizen is forbidden to purchase or own assault rifles - only handguns so a gunman is limited to single shots by which time law enforcement would have time to take the gunman out of action
6. More murdered in USA from knives or even fists than guns..
7. The one common denominator of the mass shootings in the USA
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
is not addressed. ALL of the shooters for the last 30 years were taking SSRI or SNRI prescription anti-depressants that cause some people to become suicidal or homicidal. It is time to take Prozac and all the Rx drugs like that off the market. Going back to the Tricyclic anti-depressants must be done. Elavil and Triavil cause a dry mouth that can be countered with Cogentin 2mg Rx. The Tricyclics do not cause people to become suicidal and homicidal. Another problem with the mass shootings is that there is almost always more than one shooter but only one is arrested and blamed. At the El Paso Walmart, Dark Web Instagram films of three shooters with no beards contradicts the arrest of one shooter with a beard who was not the shooter. Same at Sandy Hook, but photos of the children supposedly killed have appeared years later with teenagers who are exact look alikes of the supposed victims. The Las Vegas hotel event shootings were by more than one shooter, too, but only one was arrested. The FBI and US Navy are out of control using SEAL teams to create havoc. Dark Web information points to Vice Admiral Moran as ordering the US Navy SEALS to bring terrorists to the USA from Iran and Pakistan that US Marines escorted after the southern US border crossing and were stopped. But five got through and are in Washington, D.C. to shoot the President and meet at an Iranian teashop in the Washington, D.C. area and must be arrested. But the CIA and FBI and US Navy are mutinying against the lawfully elected US President. Many arrests must be made.
YOGI BEAR ,   SAFED WOODS   (08.11.19)
10. The US Second Amendment in any country
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.17.19)
What happens if the right to bear arms exists in any country? Is that right or wrong? Is the United States such a good example to other countries,in this case of how bad or good this goes? Perhaps the US National Rifle Association NRA can give information.
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