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Gazans struggle to protect antiquities from neglect, looting
Associated Press
Published: 12.08.19, 08:24
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1. Oh Please!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.12.19)
They don't care about the sanctity of life - let alone artefacts - well unless they can kill Jews with them of course.
2. The Gaza archaeologist blames Israel! Gimmeabreak!
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.12.19)
Amazing. Hamas is the government. Hamas decides what gets funded. Looks like funding for terror tunnels and arms are more important than Gaza's ancient history.

What to do about it? BLAME ISRAEL.

The lady needs a checkup from the neck up. She's an idiot.

The clever people of Gaza have been stealing antiquities for decades. Nothing new about that. This has nothing to do with Israel. Nothing.
3. It's not their history
Carl   (08.13.19)
Why would Gazan's care about preserving archaeological history? Absolutely zero of it is theirs. All it does is prove that Jews were the long-time inhabitants of the land, followed by more recent Christian occupiers.
oleg ,   fl   (08.16.19)
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