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Israel's failed lunar landing may have left 'indestructible' life on the Moon
Published: 07.08.19, 12:52
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1. That would've been "Jewish Life"-genes...????!!!!!
2. Moon? Rockets don't work in vacuum of space.
NYC   (08.08.19)
Your average human being has no more sense in this matter that any Ape.
3. To believe this you are a RE-tardigrade.
NYC   (08.09.19)
4. There is no metal on Planet Earth that could survive going
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
through the radiation belt around the Earth. Time to stop this lunar landing nonsense that never happened. Look at the photos. No stars in the skies. That is not possible if the photos were real. All this launching of satellites into outer Space and the moon and Mars is nonsense and is a way to funnel money off into projects such as digging more cities under the ground so the elite can survive the coming cataclysms of the earth changes when Nibiru passes Earth the Russians say will happen in Feb. of 2021.
5. indestructible for anybody else too,
ochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (08.23.19)
So any other country might have done this.
It is called terraforming.
6. Priorities - priorities
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.19)
There are pensioners scouring rubbish dumps for food - there are children going to bed hungry - the health system is well and truly stuffed - but YAY! we almost landed on the moon.
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