IDF moves to expand integration of transgender troops
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.08.19, 21:17
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1. Kol HaKavod L'TZAHAL! (All honor to the IDF!)
2. An army to be unequivocally proud of!!! (n/t)
Alex ,   Beer Sheva   (08.08.19)
3. On one hand, why not, on the other: not very significant if
one thinks of the primary role& goal of (any) army.
This is inconsequential, but welcome, little detail of our wonderful little state!
4. The IDF becoming Social Justice Warriors
DSM ,   USA   (08.07.19)
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.08.19)
6. Imagine a trans male leading a combat unit of Haredim LOL
Dovid ,   New Yawk   (08.08.19)
The number of people born intersex is far fewer then homosexual adults who are trans. This is a behavior disorder. The weirdness and attention seeking is not suitable for a highly regimented setting.
Did anybody ask the soldiers or even drill sergeants?
Imagine a trans male leading a combat unit of Haredim ... It might be a funny skit on Israeli TV but this social engineering PC BS is not cost effective or morale boosting. Ohy vehy!
7. Doctors being trained in New age anti biology science..insan
8. Trans philosophy is anti Jewish part of PC fascism....
How do any feminists support a movement which denies they really exist?

Fascism is when a few people impose their ideologies on the rest of society by force.

When did the left become anti science?
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