Netanyahu: We will capture the despicable terrorist and hold him to account
Moran Azoulay and Reuters
Published: 08.08.19, 11:14
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1. Will this be an,,,,
Dedra ,   Wnston   (08.08.19)
HBO flick?
2. Pampering "Palestinians" makes such murders inevitable
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.08.19)
When we pamper our mortal "Palestinian" foes and finance them to squat on our land while plotting our demise. When we shower them with food, money, electricity, work permits, materials and other goodies WHILE they maim and murder us at will. When we bribe and beg them to take much of our sole tiny Homeland away from us. Doing all these INSANE things makes such murders inevitable. That is why no other nation, in all of human history, has ever pampered it's foes as Israel does.
3. Our forces will do their utmost, our leaders: not so much!
4. capture perpetrator
bibi   (08.08.19)
why do yu talk about capturing suspect. finish him off. what message are you sending hamas???

as for the haredi leaders, it is beyond the pale what you are doing to the students. they turn out to be innocent sweet boys totally unfit to take on the real world. martial arts training is required to toughen up all haredi. it is disgraceful how deficient the haredi are in physical survival skills.

Plus they are easily identified and targeted by bullies.

finally, bibi is so damned weak. he has been covering up his weakness with his resume which does not impress me in the least.. he is damned weak .shaked, bennett, Lieberman who have worked with him up close know that he is utterly weak and collapses under any kind of pressure when it counts.They loathe his weakness.The netanyahu myth exists only by default because other Israelis leaders were even worse ie olmert livni, lapid and gantz.

5. waht is going on here???
rex   (08.08.19)
prospective idf recruits have to be trained even before the enter service-be alert, no hitchhiking, have some self defense skill period. you cannot send babes on the street without risk.

israelis should send their kids into karate early before they ever enter the idf. I did and it helped be more alert, have some fightback ability. Jewish families stil do not do enough of for rabbinic leaders, they are slow to change and see reality. Prayer is not enough. god helps those who help themselves.

hamas is crafty, stealthy. what do they see? They see they can extort bibi who does everything to avoid a major war because he is scared. Israel needs a major war with hamas to take them apart.

we need a change in pm.
incidentally gantz who lately is talking tough was passive in the gaza war and sat on his thumbs. without bennett, the tunnels would not have been hit.

Was Ariel Sharon the only good fighting general in the idf with esprit de corps? Where the hell are the fighting generals???

I would sit down with gen kochavi and have a plan developed to take hamas apart while closing down the fighting to the international press. england and france could scream as much as they want.and if they would persisit with their critiques, i would withdraw idf support of europe and let them drown in their own problems.

do you honestly think bibi has ever sat with kochavi and asked for a plan to take hamas apart????
6. this is what will happen
charles   (08.08.19)
idf will capture terrorist/s alive. they will be tried and sentenced to jail. There they will have 3 excellent meals per day, and have books to read. Later they will have visits and phone calls. While in jail, they will enroll and take online courses. Some may graduate with degrees.

Some time later they will probably be released in a lob sided prisoner exchange.

Now educated, they will return to Hamas empowered and stronger. Example yaya sinwar, the leader in Gaza.

Sinwar far far outclasses any Israeli leader in toughness, resoluteness, it is not even close.

Goldin is correct about israeli pm-he lacks guts.

Israel has lost its deterrence, first under olmert,livni and peretz, and now under bibi.

So when you vote, pick a real fighter. Bibi and gantz are not. bennett lieberman and feiglin are.

Likud should replace bibi with barkat who is quite able and a better leader than bibi.
7. For God's sake, this PM cannot bring himself to initiate ANY
moves (never mind military offensive).
Even empty threats of annexation, come only after deadly attack....!!!
He begins, even in my eyes, to look like someone that has to go.
He did a great job in most areas of his competence, but.....
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