Hamas: Murder of soldier proves intifada still alive in West Bank
Elior Levy
Published: 08.08.19, 13:35
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1. Hamas must be smashed as it boasts of killing Jews long term
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.08.19)
Jews will never be safe so long as Hamas is allowed to practically roam at will. The leaders are emboldened by Netanyahu and the IDF generals too fearful to take them on. If walls don't do the job then the IDF must.
2. Arab hate of Jews is a built-in prerequisite for Islam, are
you kidding me?
3. enough with death by a thousand cuts
manny   (08.08.19)
if haaretz and ynet journalists feel that one death is too many, then pack the hell up and move to Poland or USA.

enough with Israeli pacifism which has been on display since olmert took over. bring on feiglin and bennett and remove the southern threat for starters-one shot deal instead of insecure bibi sweating and frowning oh my god as he goes to another one of his useless meetings in defense headquarters. he should have nothing to do with security period. if that is not obvious to israeis, then you are doomed.

you know why he wanted herzog and now peretz in his govt. he is one of them-a pacifist.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.08.19)
Let the mullahs boast about one killing. 100’s of new lives are being born as I write this. Mullahs loose again
5. "Palestinians" plan Shoah2, & Israel supplies them....
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.08.19)
Israel's situation with "Palestinians" is totally insane and must change. "Palestinians" are busy murdering and maiming Jews, every chance they get, while planning Shoah 2. Meanwhile, Israel keeps supplying them with food, money, electricity, work permits, materials and much more. Human history has never before seen such madness!
6. How many Palestinians israel murdered for nothing???
TheWall   (08.09.19)
7. Goodbye Sweet Soul!
Rivkah   (08.09.19)
His father was murdered 19 years ago and now this precious soul at age 19.
8. Hamas, Plo = Isis anyone denying this is lying to themselves
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