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New app offers 24/7 Hebrew lessons for immigrants
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.08.19, 15:58
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1. retired
Michail ,   Haifa   (08.08.19)
Link to the this app?
2. And bring back News in "Ivrit Kala"
I don't know how the ulpans teach today, but those in the 1970s were pretty effective. Or maybe I was just lucky.

I would encourage government radio services to bring back a feature from those days - the nightly news program in "Ivrit Kala" - easy Hebrew. The news of the day, but enunciated more slowly, and a simpler vocabulary. I found it helped me get use to the flow and rhythm of the language. But when I returned to Israel for a refresher in 2005, my teacher had never heard of such a program.
3. Wanting to sell
Boaz   (08.13.19)
Is one thing. Badmouthing the Ulpan methods is wrong and immoral.
My mum and dad attended the Ulpanim and after 3 months they were capable of passing the REx pharmaceutial board.
Now let’s put you invention to the test; lo laavod al hanashim she’rak aalu artza
4. Hebrew lessons on line for latin learners
MARTHA LANGER ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.19)
I am interested in these courses but there is no indication of how to go to their site. Is it available already? I would appreciate your answer.
5. useful sentences every oleh must know
ex Oleh Chadash   (09.12.19)
אני לא עובד, אני לא יכול לעבוד קשה

? מה שלומך

בית מרקחת

איפה ישראלים כאן? אני רואה רק ארגנטינאים וברזילאים ורוסים.

Where can I book my return flight? That's all. People are not communicative.
6. Hebrew online
Maria ,   Los Angeles   (09.17.19)
Very interested. When will the English-Hebrew version be out?
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