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Source: Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in jail
Published: 10.08.19, 18:36
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1. Death by arkanside.
Alan ,   SA   (08.10.19)
2. Epstein never killed himself.,as above Reuter article sayeth
Alan ,   SA   (08.10.19)
3. Photo of the Trumps with Jeff Epstein is that a fake?
the recording of Trump saying: "I know Jeff, he likes them young!" is that fake too?
4. Same folks that killed Diana got to him, that much I know!
5. That was ex Mossad, E.Barak-buddies that offed him: no doubt
6. “Too big to fail”, ring any bells? Some people are “Too
Dangerous to be left alive “. ‘Nuff said...
7. horn-dog downfall
Cameron   (08.11.19)
8. JFK, Diana, Epstein, Roswell: so many questions, so little
Universe is so big &( then they tell us it's only one of billions, in an Omniverse!)
What's a poor boy to think of it all???!!!
Oy......... :-((
9. Whoever killed him unless he was taken to Grenada to be
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
killed, should be told when the killer goes to Grenada to spend the $10 million paid for the kill, that in a week the CIA will kill the killer and take back the money.
10. Whoever killed him won't live long on the $10 million
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
paid to kill him or whatever the amount was. In a few weeks, the killer(s) will be killed and the money taken back. That's the US government for you at the local, State and Federal and military levels. Treacherous rogues, all.
11. Rapists of children who love haShem go to hell. There is
Rivkah   (08.11.19)
no hope for them eternally. That is why pedophilia is a sickness that repeats. It doesn't happen just once. HaShem will not heal a pedophile. There are three divisions of hell. The least worse is for those who are rejected by haShem but are not murderers. A worse level is for those who have murdered once and the worst place is where the fallen angels are bound, the place for mass murderers. One does not have to murder people to go to the worst place in hell. The murder of a person's reputation is the same to haShem as the murder of the person. Slanderers, libelers and perjurers who are unrepentant who have murdered the reputations of many, such people go to hell, the worst place in hell.
12. sure he did..
Mr Cynic ,   SAFED   (08.11.19)
13. Epstein will soon be seen in more places than Elvis Presley
Alan ,   SA   (08.11.19)
14. Well, it is said dead men tell no tales
Cameron   (08.12.19)
But one does hear that authorities went through his offices & home and secured quite the pile of salacious data & pics Eppy kept carefully hidden and locked away.

Doubtless any no. of power figures back in DC are surely worried sick over the future of their marriages and careers at this point.
15. If only this was fake and he gave up all the names...
16. He choked himself to death, with his own, bare hands!
17. They're performing autopsy on him: I want autopsy of the guy
PERFORMING this autopsy and then again of the second one, so on, so on, util we get to the truth!!!!!!
18. The Truly Powerful pissing from above on the little guy,
(that gets 10 years for "not telling truth" to the powers that be!)
In this case it certainly looks like we'll never get to the core/truth of who exactly has done him in.
If they could do it with a President-JFK, (for fuck's sake!) they sure can do it with a lousy, little rich Jew!
19. It's killing me that anyone could believe in this fakery.
NYC   (08.12.19)
20. Curious coincidences
Mikesailor ,   Miami   (08.13.19)
So Epstein is dead. Funny how the daughter of Robert Maxwell was acting as his procurer of young girls. Remember Maxwell? The Mossad agent who happened to fall off his yacht and and is buried on Mt. Herzl? Perhaps the ones who assisted Maxwell are also responsible for Epstein who likewise claimed “intelligence” contacts.
21. Video of Trump at Epstein Party in 1992-another POTUSvisited
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.19)
to Caribbean Island about 26 times in recent times.-but every day we get shown this Trump boogy woogy video from Epstein's Party from way back 1992.!!!! Is that fair?
22. IF Eps would have been stabbed 20X in back=suicide verdict
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.19)
23. PSYOP to lift statue of limitation for sexual assualt.....
NYC   (08.14.19)
this will destroy the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, which is part of the agenda.
24. I am fed up to hear child abuse for a 16yrs/17yrs teen
Tehraniporou   (08.14.19)
My mom was abused when she was 10. Someone who is 16/17 is no longer a "child.... Let's stop the bs.
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