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Cop clan: Triplets enlist in Border Police together
Meir Turgeman
Published: 11.08.19, 18:26
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1. kol kavod to all of you amazing
jenny bublick   (08.12.19)
Shlaom kol kavod to all of you. You are doing a great thing for all of us taking care of Eretz Yisroel. We are all here for you and your families. All the best.
2. IQ has a strong genetic basis.
Avi ,   NYC   (08.12.19)
The manpower allocations in the IDF is based on a measure called KABAH (Kvutzat Eichut) which has a very strong IQ components.
Kabah range is 43-56.
The Border Guard is allocated the range 43-47.
As you can see, the article shows the fact that IQ has a strong familial- genetic basis.
3. Kol HaKavod - look after yourselves <3
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.12.19)
And to the Mum - most mothers know how you are feeling - but it's going to be OK :)
4. Only to be envied & duplicated!! Eat your (black) hearts out
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.12.19)
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