Shaked take off gloves in war of words with Netanyahu
Moran Azulay
Published: 11.08.19, 14:38
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1. netanyahu weakness
gordie   (08.11.19)
netanyahu cannot change his spots no matter what. He talks big but flinches under any kind of pressure. no settlement building,no annexation, no to judeans praying on the temple mount, suck up to sissi of egypt , suck up to putin, suck up to trump, no to a gaza operation, no to hitting iran. regardless of what he says, he is full of it. he talks nationalist israel, he delivers meretz results, fear fear fear.

vote for Bennett who is 10x the soldier bibi ever was.

2. I'm thinking the unthinkable: voting for Ayelet. She's the
next PM (after Bibi) anyhow....
3. We need a balance in our country
Proud Israeli   (08.11.19)
I rather have a centrist government. Not too left and not too right. For me, Blue and White Party will have a stable government. Extremism on any end is bad. There are good policies on the left and good policies on the right. We can't be ignorant and think one side only has the solutions.
4. Maybe(if everyone agreed) we could deliver "coup de grace"
to the slowly vanishing Bibi and vote "in droves" for our next PM, Mrs. Ayelet Shaked?
5. The public demands to see shakeds legs
Arv ,   Xanadu -   (08.13.19)
And sexy alluring playful killer eyes. Let's vote for mistress shaked instead of queen bibi and end the phallic dictatorship of sara
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