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Indian longevity
Buzzy Gordon
Published: 11.08.19, 18:21
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1. They never review kosher restaurants
David ,   New york   (08.11.19)
2. Is this some kind of a joke? !!!
Concerned Citizen ,   Tel Aviv   (08.11.19)
Tandoori is no 5 star Indian established. I'm not sure why this article seems to present it in such a way? The result of this article will only damage the restaurants image more than it is already damaged today. The food there is very greasy, it tastes nothing like the Indian food you can have in London or NY. Yet it is accompanied by the highest prices on dizengof circle by far. The value for money is terrible (nothing comes with anything.) The management is extremely rude, and the most important part. The food is an insult to real indian cooking. There were very few Indian options in Tel Aviv for a long time, and tandoori seems to give it's patrons the cheapest Indian experience you can get in the middle East by far. If you don't like bagged frozen veggies, dried out microwaved entrees, seven trips to the bathroom for a week. Stay far far away, and consider the many more customer oriented options in the city today. Unlike how it was ten years ago. There is tons of great authentic Indian food that gives respect to the tradition of Indian cooking in this city. You were warned!
3. What?
Spylee ,   Herzliya   (08.12.19)
You will pay an arm and a leg for food that was not worth it. Those lamb chops the most expensive for almost nothing. Ate at the one in Herzliya and never again
4. Crappy food
pgr   (08.11.19)
For years she's failed to update Indian food style, which has come a very long way. She's stuck in the 1970s as far as that's concerned.

And..the service is abysmal.
5. 80% of India's population are VEGANS, this is true longevity
TheWall   (08.22.19)
Promoting meat by using a photo of some meat that only poisons your body, encourages further abuse of animals, and of course contributes to Carbone Dioxide. STOP EATING MEAT, any meat including chicken. We must stop animal abuse, killing them to eat. TheCreator created plants and fruits to sustain human bodies. Animals are created to be humans' companions and friends.
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