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Images of Israelis held in Cyprus internment camps spark tears and memories
Korin Elbaz Alush
Published: 17.08.19, 18:50
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1. Cruelty of the British to hold Jewish refugees in camps
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.17.19)
FO ,   Belgium   (08.17.19)
How do you dare qualifying as "Illegal immigrants" survivors of the Shoah attempting to reach the shores of Palestine! Shame on you! I deduct from your writing that the successive British "White Papers" were in your eyes a legal mater (although a treason of the Jewish people and the League of Nations' Mandate for Palestine) inclusive British blockade of Palestinian shores, sending back to their death Jews fleeing Nazi occupied Europe. They too were according to you "illegal immigrants" I suppose!
3. Cyprus
Lizbeth   (08.17.19)
Were any infants orphaned and sent to the U.S.?
4. My father was a child detainee in Cyprus
Keren Carmel ,   Palm City, FL   (08.18.19)
Does anyone know of or have photos from the British internment camps in Cyprus of my late father z”l Abraham Peter Weinberger (his last name was changed to Carmel in Israel). At 9 years of age, speaking only Hungarian, he was smuggled out of Kolozsvar, Transylvania (now within Romania) and placed with other children on the ship the Pan York in 1947, destination British mandate pre-state Israel. The ship was turned away by the British at the port of Haifa and the bedraggled passengers were rerouted to Cyprus where they were held for 6 months before being allowed to return and disembark in Haifa.
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