Foreign worker and her Israeli-born teen son deported to the Philippines despite pleas
Amir Alon
Published: 13.08.19, 13:30
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1. Illegally? out you go!
Gracey ,   Israel   (08.13.19)
What gives anyone the right to think they can stay in a country illegally? Who would want that kind of person - one that couldn't care about rules - she probably never paid tax either. Sorry, but we are not a charity - they all need to go home. It's not like they are in any form of danger there.
2. hypocrisy
Gary   (08.13.19)
what enrages about this is they are only doing it under pressure from the rabbis (who think it will lead to 'assimilation') the British rabbis will support this deportation. but when you ask them why they demand Britain taker in millions of Muslim and African 'refugees' they will say 'Because the Torah says we must welcome and help the stranger because we were strangers in a strange land' so is it only when it is in someone else's country they welcome 'strangers'?
3. In Japan this wouldn’t even be a story
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.13.19)
The Mom would have been kicked out with her child the second she tried to enroll him in school.
4. His mother also left the only country she has known
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.13.19)
when she came to Israel.

She found a way to accommodate in a foreign country, so will the son.
5. Deporting children
neil schwartz ,   raanana   (08.13.19)
I am ashamed to be an Israeli. This behaviour is cruel and sadistic. What threat would a few dozen or even hundreds of children born and educated here be to the country. This is not what being Jewish is supposed to be. Shame on the government and especially the minister of the interior "Rabbi" Arye Deri
6. OK
Gary   (08.13.19)
But then Jews should not demmand countries like UK, Europe, Australia, Canada etc accept millions of 'refugees'
7. Said, six million Jews.
NYC   (08.13.19)
8. Deport them all! Most important the Africans.
Phoenix   (08.13.19)
All no citizens born here must be deported to their actual countries.
They are not Jewish and not Israeli. They have no rights here!
Africans, Asians and east Europeans working here illegally and legally are not israelis and have no rights here.
9. oh but I am
Gary Selikow   (08.13.19)
I am Jewish and also dont want Britain flooded. The Torah says we need have to seek welfare of the land we are exiled to, British Jews who seek mass immigration to Britain are not doing this and are going against Torah,
10. the Israelis feeling shame, do something about it...
At this time the law of the land is that illegal economic migrants and their children are returned to their countries of origin.

In total disregard for Israeli law,
In total disregard for the sovereign right of Israel to decide who may or may not receive citizenship,
this woman stayed in Israel.

Not only is she an economic migrant and a scofflaw, she is also an opportunist.

I feel no shame that she was deported from Israel.
It's the law and if all of you Israelis feeling shame at the more did just a bit more than feel you would get busy and change the law.

But you won't, you won't...because to take the trouble to change the law you need to do quite a bit more than just feel shame.
11. Who will look after the elderly? Clean houses? Do farmwork?
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.13.19)
Would you really prefer to have Arabs (so trustworthy) looking after your elderly parents? Cleaning your homes, maybe while your small children are home? Working the farms in hot miserable weather?

Okay, she overstayed her visa. There should be some mechanism by which she can prove she's an able working adult and is paying appropriate taxes. Give her some sort of fine for abusing the visa, but let her continue to do a job that most Israelis don't want to do. It's that simple. Her son has only known Israel. His friends are all Israeli and he'd probably join the army when all his friends do.

I think an opportunity was lost here. It could have been handled better.
12. "I told them I want to stay, we did nothing wrong"
Six Million Jews ,   NYC   (08.13.19)
13. immigration # 8 is a universal problem
SHEIK RATTLE & ROLL ,   usa   (08.13.19)
At # 8. Do you know how many Israeli's live and work illegal in the US? Every summer and US holiday season. If the American government would comb the malls they would arrest thousands of Israeli's selling dead sea mud and other worth less trinkets because they earn peanuts in Israel. Many of these Israeli's will then enter phony marriages and never return to Israel. The bottom line is every country has an immigration problem for one reason or another. Please tell me why do Israeli's leave Israel to emigrate to the US? Americans emigrate to Israel for religious reasons and most return after a few years because of economics.
14. Rosemarie
Me   (08.13.19)
It's cold, it rains and unpleasant in New Zealand. We can afford a house in the sun in Miami Florida and we can sustain a living on savings. We don't make the move because we will be DEPORTED. Kapish?
15. Why didn't she marry an Israeli disabled veteran?
Rivkah   (08.14.19)
She should have volunteered one day a week or half a day at an Israeli equivalent of a Veteran's Administration Hospital and marry one of the paras or quads. Voila! She would be a dependent wife of an Israeli disabled veteran. How could the government deport her or her son if the disabled Israeli veteran adopted her son?
16. Cry us a river!
Robert ,   Los Angeles   (08.14.19)
They violated the law and must return to the country of their origin. Period! Israel is too small to accommodate the economic refugees.
17. Wow, are we that gullible& easily manipulated? Picture of a
child, a sensationalist headline, some "noble" protesters and people forget all about law, common sense and logic.
So they're going HOME, not to a Gulag or as so many (almost) suggest: Auschwitz -like camp!!!
For f..'s sake!
18. We forgot
AllaGe   (08.14.19)
Germany 1933 is here
19. Filipinos
Abi Schatz ,   Ashkelon   (08.14.19)
Heartless and cruel. A good way to teach his classmates about the true nature of our society. During WW2 the Philippines gave shelter to hundreds of Jews when others turned them away or expelled them. (the USA). Have we forgotten, or never knew, or just don't care? Perhaps ministers with criminal backgrounds shouldn't be the ones who decide the terrible fate of others.
Shame on us. What a stain on our morality and our history.
20. if this is immoral so it alliyah
zionist forever   (08.14.19)
Israel actively encourages Jews from around the world to uproot and move to Israel despite the fact that many of these families have children who have never lived in any other country, do not speak hebrew nd will have to leave their friends behind but both the government and public support alliyah.

We have in this case adults who came to Israel on a short term work permit granted on the condition they do not have children whilst here.
The time comes for them to leave but becase quality of life is better in Israel than in their own countries they want to stay so use their children as human shields to try and block deportation and the sympathisers fall for it because its not nice to deport children.

Surely if deporting Filipinos is immoral then alliyah is immoral and either both practises should be stopped because both have the same effect on the kids.
21. economic migrants want to use children as human shields
zionist forever   (08.14.19)
These people are not refugees, their lives are not in danger if they return to the Philippines, they are economic migrants looking for a better quality of life and if we let them stay others will follow and we will be overrun by illegals having children to give themselves a human shield to protect from deportation.
It’s also not just Filipino because if there is precedent set by the law what’s to stop Palestinians with a work permit entering the country, not going home as many do then have a child with a local Arab and no court will ever deport them.

The Filipino woman get their visa on the condition they do not have kids, if they do not think they can commit to that then they do not come.
They were under no illusions when they applied for their visa what the rules were but they chose to break them and decided to stay because they have a better life here.

We cannot allie sympathy for kids to overrule logic and these kids will learn to fit into their parents country soon enough just like the children of Olin learn to settle into their new life in Israel.
22. why should Africans be deported but not Filipinos
zionist forever   (08.14.19)
Many of the people demanding these people be allowed to stay because they feel sorry for the children at the same time demand the government deport the Africans here illegally.
What’s the difference between an African economic migrant here illegally and a Filipino economic migrant here illegally apart from their skin color.
23. Those who are cruel to the kind will be kind to the cruel.
NYC   (08.14.19)
24. Britain also too small to accommodate economic refugees
Gary   (08.15.19)
But many demmand that we must!
25. what a shame!
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (09.07.19)
There is no reason, why Rosemary and Rouhan cannot stay in Israel, they speak Hebrew and cause no trouble.
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