The eyes of the State of Israel
Yoav Keren
Published: 13.08.19, 23:26
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1. heroes !
r.b.   (08.14.19)
g-d bless them. so little is known the amount of time / effort ( and money ) that this tiny country has to spend to keep it from attack. NO other country is surrounded on all sides by enemies poised for its destruction !. and i hope that these heroes are doing some sort of "different work" rotation periodically because after so many constant hours this can lead to possible long term medical issues...
2. interesting... but preferable NOT to know about all this..
Rafi ,   US   (08.14.19)
3. Mister
Dani ,   Birch Bay   (08.13.19)
it's good
4. The Hills Have Eyes
Mr Cynic ,   SAFED   (08.14.19)
5. This could be a job for the ultra orthodox....
DSM ,   USA   (08.14.19)
if they can be trusted.
6. Here s the big problem
barry   (08.14.19)
In the war to come with Hamas, sinwar stated that he would launch a blitz of hundreds of rockets at specific targets civilian and otherwise to overwhelm iron dome and netanyahu. What i mean by netanyahu is that his MO historically is to build defensive walls, and sue for ceasefires if it gets too difficult.He himself doesn't know what to do militarily. .

so he would ask idf to launch counterstrikes and then pursue a ceasefire with concessions to Hamas. lieberman has accurately pointed this pattern out.

so before Israel decides on a ground operation which bibi will not support period, idf should have ready thousands of land based rockets to pulverize Gaza. this will put Hamas off balance, sow terrir,and give the idf time to plan the best way forward.

this all depends on bibi not being the decision maker because he is scared of war and has no stomach for the fight.Even now, he has not ordered the idf to stockpile 100,000 rockets.

vote for bennett and shaked.
7. Very true,but all this sweat has turned a country size of
Alan ,   SA   (08.14.19)
New Jersey or Wales or S A Kruger Animal Reserve into the 8th most powerful country in the world. It has developed technological, economic medical and almost every industry to the extent that it is the envy even of the great powers...So it is not all bad..Unfortunately, many fine young people have died in battle and many civilians killed by terror gangs! But I believe things in M E are about to change in favor of tiny Israel..P G
8. When women contribute to a society, it prospers
Proud Israeli   (08.14.19)
Great job by these heroes. They should always be acknowledged and respected for saving lives.
9. תצמפיניות
Gaby ,   Beverly Hills   (08.15.19)
כל הכבוד לכם שיצרו על ישראל הידיים והראש שלכם שומר על העם. ב"ה השלום יגיע פעם
אולי ביזמננו.
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