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El Al flight attendant dies after contracting measles on plane 5 months ago
Raanan Ben Zur, Itay Blumenthal
Published: 13.08.19, 19:00
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1. What a beautiful lady
Gary Selikow   (08.13.19)
May her dear soul rest in peace Z'YL
2. so sad, what happened to the vaccination?
there is a vaccination against this disease.
it had been eradicated.
Then "uber-chumim" (over intelligent ones) decided no vaccine is needed.

To the "uber-chumim"
you have two choices contract the measles when you are inadvertently exposed or get a vaccine.

3. Anti-vaxers did you read this?
4. Wonder who gave it to her?
Gershon ,   Toronto   (08.13.19)
Most likely those anti-vaccination Haredim from NY. They should all have to prove they are pestilence free before they are allowed to board.
5. Is it dangerous to get on plane with Haredim?
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.13.19)
No one else seems to be spreading it.
6. tragic
NYCTLV   (08.13.19)
What an unnecessary death. tragic!!! may her memory be a blessing.
7. Heartbreaking
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.13.19)
It's 2019 this shouldn't have happened!! Wishing the family strength and happier times.
8. This was indeed,,,,
Rodney, S ,   Sue City   (08.13.19)
an act of biological terrorism on behalf of the,,,,,,,
9. i hope they can identify the person who infected her
shloime ,   toronto   (08.13.19)
and charge them with criminal negligence causing death. and anyone who advised them not to get vaccinated.

there are legal consequences for causing a person’s death.
10. Measles on El Al flight
Jeanette Primost   (08.14.19)
I thought being vaccinated protected you?
11. Measles is not a killer disease. Weaponized measles is.
Rivkah   (08.14.19)
She did not die of measles which lasts a couple of weeks. She died of respiratory failure which is probably from a pneumonia vaccine that causes pneumonia and a flu shot that causes the flu, further stressing an already sick patient.
12. Why doesn't the article mention the reason she died?
Jake   (08.13.19)
God rest her soul. She was given antibiotics, which is the wrong treatment for a viral infection. It compromised her ability to fight off the non-deadly disease, and she fell into a coma. Does journalism exist anymore? The omission of this critical detail is either due to negligence, or a pro-vaccine agenda. Which is it?
Shai ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.19)
She should have been sent abroad for treatment! Neglect in Israeli hospitals is a reality that nobody seems to notice in this country!
14. Love and prayers to her family.
USA People ,   USA   (08.14.19)
15. Death of air hostess
Jeanette Primost   (08.16.19)
I have great sympathy for her and her family, it is tragic. But OH Why does the news not tell the real reason this poor woman died? She caught a super bug in the hospital!. Measles is not a killer infection despite what the news tells you. learn from history, before vaccines deaths from measles was practically at zero. we must know the truth otherwise how can we go the right way in the future?

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