Jordan halts fictional film for historic reference to Jews in Petra
Associated Press
Published: 14.08.19, 11:33
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1. Jordan needs a lesson
Jake ,   Dallas   (08.14.19)
Tell the little king that the Al Asia Mosque will be turned over from Jordan to Saudi - if they don’t stop with the hate.
2. deal with jordan one-sided
mit   (08.14.19)
israel has to stop giving and start demanding concessions. eastern provinces of reuben, menassah and gad should have been claimed. Both rabin and netanyahu have bent over backwards for hussein and abdullah. It is time to stop this nonsense.

israeli concessions bring more terror rather than demographic safety, barak, olmert livni and lapid are wrong, wrong, wrong,
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.18.19)
So they would like to a t as if JEWS never existed before them in Jordan, Israel and even Saudi Arabia. 1.5 bil Muslims trying to erase Jews roots to the land everyday and still loosing badly to the little tiny Israel. It is a miracle how 20 mil Jews are really the winners if this idiotic fight. Jordan can try to reverse or erase the reality, bit the real world knows the ultimate truth.
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