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World leaders to attend international Holocaust Remembrance Day in Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.08.19, 13:58
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1. Attendance of EU luminaries at Shoa events nauseates me
Alan ,   SA   (08.14.19)
2. Only the very naive or dumb, can really attribute any true
importance to these “painting by the numbers” events.
But I guess it’s a must to hold them from time to time...,
3. My Auschwitz survivor mother treated everyone with respect.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.14.19)
It's incumbent on Jews not just to wait for respect but to give it too. Non-Jews shouldn't have excuses for violent behaviour, They should remember that kind Jew.
4. Ironic, they kill Kahane but use his slogan Never Again.
NYC   (08.15.19)
5. Date of commemoration
Sev S. Fluss ,   Geneva   (08.17.19)
Good article on the Shoah events, but the date was not given. Please indicate the date.

Sev S. Fluss, Geneva (+41.22.798.21.65)
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