Extreme-right party escapes election ban as Labor official skips vote
Amir Alon
Published: 14.08.19, 19:11
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1. Let them run.
Alan ,   Boston   (08.14.19)
Who cares what the AG thinks. People vote.
2. Ynet new word extreme-right, Rabin now far right?
Rabin Was more right wing than likud today.
Would that make him far right? No Palestinian state.....

All this distortion of language pretending anyone on the right wing including liberals and libertarians are now called far right by the media.

What bubble do these journalists live in?
3. Israeli media using same tactics as the deranged Americans:
label anything that moves right from the insane Left, as: "ultra-nationalist", "racist", 'extreme"...
Won't work.
People know....
4. racists!
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (08.15.19)
The state of Israel is a republic and democratic
5. A triumph for Israeli democracy
Yael Schlichting ,   Berlin   (08.15.19)
If a party is able to garner acceptance among the electorate, you must not fight the party but analyze the reasons why some of the electorate are leaning towards this party. Then you need to address issues brought up by this party, respectively their electorate. If you fight the party, it just means that you ignore the worries of the people and this requires a party that doesn't.
6. Racists
Fiona ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
Well done Labour Party!!!
Congratulations on your cynical attitude towards fairness in society. You just lost my vote. If these racists enter government this election, I hope you will feel very proud of yourselves.
7. Israel is nuts
David ,   New york   (08.15.19)
Only in a nuts place like Israel can you ban a political party for being “U.N. Democratic”
I cannot even begin talking about how absurd that is
If people voted for someone then that is democracy. Banning that person or party is anti-Democratic.
1984 thinking
8. Chutzpah of lapid
Eliyahu   (08.15.19)
Helps the baby killers and perverts and has something to say about another's morals. Yes lapid, you are quite the hypocrite.
9. Mandelblit is the poster boy for not wearing a kippah.
Eliyahu   (08.15.19)
That religion is a load of crap.
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