Israel considers banning visit by U.S. Muslim lawmakers
Published: 15.08.19, 12:39
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1. This is a biiiiiiiig trap. ... Israel will regret this
Alan ,   SA   (08.15.19)
These two arnt coming for tourism.or to see the moon rise over Sea of Galilee.So SKIP their TRIP despite Democrat intimidation.
2. "Source" disinforms
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (08.15.19)
My zeal to suture the rift between Israeli and American Jews is unsurpassed. But one thing that even the most naïve and dullard Israeli politician should recognize is that, contrary to the anonymous “source”, this duo will NOT honor any pre-agreement. They will not hesitate to turn a visit to Har ha-Bayit to every Muslim advantage at their disposal without blinking. The very idea is an appeal to our neuroticisms. An agreement with dhimmis means less than nothing to Muslims and their anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and miso-Judaic sentiments are a matter of public record. Pres. Trump has given us a way out and allowing such a visit would be a fiasco for Israel.

I suspect plans and means are already underway to, if necessary, covertly smuggle her from her native village, where she would visit relatives, onto Har ha-Bayit to protest against Israel.

Denying their visit sends two messages loud and clear:
1. No one, not even American political leaders, have the latitude to abridge Israeli sovereignty over Har ha-Bayit.
2. Denying their entry to Israel informs the respective voting constituencies of these two anti-Zionists and miso-Judaics that any vote for them is a vote for miso-Judaism and against Israel and Jews.
3. Israel militarily occupies but doesn't own Palestine, that
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
occupation will end one day just like the Crusades's occupation
4. AOC MUST ALSO BE BANNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.15.19)
5. Israel MUST NOT CAVE in before American crooks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.15.19)
6. Make the best of it
Ed ,   USA   (08.15.19)
They are meeting with West Bank activists. Are they going to say that Arabs on the West Bank are suffering because their government is corrupt, because the threat of violence diminishes economic opportunities, and because they have consistently rejected peaceful coexistence with Israel? I don't think so. They will confirm what already believe because they will only see people who believe what they believe. Israel can't stop them, but it can insist that they get another opinion and see some thriving Palestinian and Druze villages in Israel.
7. Let them go
It is a mistake to deny them. AIPAC doesn't present the Palestinian view and it is an error to deny members of Congress when the U.S. gives as much foreign aid to Isrsel as it does.

President Trump will not be in office forever and administration policies change. Do not set a precedent of disrespect toward elected U.S. officials. It could rrsult in unintended consequences in the future and for Jews in Diaspora.
8. Let them come. Be brutally transparent.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.15.19)
Let them see Israel, warts and all. Let them see Arabs and Jews working together in shops, hospitals, factories. Let them see Arabs having full productive lives, Let them walk the border with Gaza and see what's it's like to be shot at.

Then maybe, very politely, somebody should ask of them, "Where are all Egypt's Jews? Where are all of Syria's Jews? Where are all of Jordan's Jews?"

Just maybe these women will consider that Israel is not the darkest pit on the planet. Maybe. But then, their existing misconceptions are already their own 'facts', so maybe nothing will come of it at all. A shame.
9. Unless coming for peace like Sadat no use letting enemies in
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.15.19)
Israelis don't like being freiers (suckers). Tlaib and Omar are coming to stir up trouble and give comfort to the enemy.
10. Don't let them visit!
gf ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.19)
11. When have DemocratAdministrations allowed US haters to enter
Alan ,   SA   (08.15.19)
the United States of America.. When have they welcomed ANYBODY who says USA must be closed down.... No US Politician has the right to try to force Israel to allow these 2 ladies in .
12. Why did 2 not join the Dem Freshmen trip-they like private
Alan ,   SA   (08.15.19)
tour maybe???? Told other freshmen to SKIP the TRIP
13. The German Trump and the Euro-Amero congresss,,,,
Jude ,   LA   (08.15.19)
these people are from the Gog and Magog North, Rashida is ancestraly from Palestine and Ilhan is from East Africa. How can these people bar any one from any where? Dnonald Trump and the US Congress is nothing but a number 3 6's
14. Just trouble will come from the visit
Ralph   (08.15.19)
These types are only interested in fomenting hate and stirring up trouble. The group is nothing but an enemy. No good will come from a visit.
15. Incorrect spelling
Michael Lubetzky ,   Speicher   (08.15.19)
It should be political beliefs, not believes.

Belief is a noun.
Believe is a verb.
16. what r u pro-ban folks afraid of?
Let them come in and visit.
Who cares! It isn't worth the hassle it will cause.
But then this whole pro-ban business was probably set up by the Prime Minister's first born son...because he's not only a media genius he is also a top diplomat!! (so not!)
17. Actresses, America is a Democracy Free Zone.
NYC   (08.15.19)
These women are actresses, chosen not elected.
18. Enough with "considering" just do not let them in, period.
leo ,   usa   (08.15.19)
And we here in US will take a note of all those who will decided not to come in solidarity - they'll have hard time getting reelected.
19. You know already what they are going to say about Israel
Joseph ,   USA   (08.15.19)
They are going to demonized and lie. Why don't they go visit the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria?
20. Sadly, seems Trump must twist Bibi's arm in order to get our
spineless PM to kick the butts of these Jihadist US (my ass) "lawmakers"!
How pathetic can Netanyahu get?
Time for the next, natural leader to take over.
Go Ayelet, go!
21. Omar and Tlaib are enemies of Israel
C   (08.15.19)
it would be a big mistake to allow these two women to enter the sovereign
jewish state of israel.
these two women are provocateurs who advocate for the elimination of
the jewish state of israel.those who support the bds movement are de
facto enemies of the jewish state.
omar and tlaib have made numerous antisemitic statements.
the us democratic party should not support these two women who
are also haters of america.
lastly, under no circumstances should they be allowed to visit
the temple mount, israel's holiest site.
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