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The tale of a terrible summer, 'Our Boys' is punch to Israel's gut
Amir Bogen
Published: 19.08.19, 23:42
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1. Cultural artists
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (08.20.19)
BDS and Jew hatred takes many forms
2. mr.
Daniel L Ballif ,   birch bay, WA usa   (08.20.19)
sad; hope We get a better way, soon
3. Next project of these abysmal political hacks masquerading
as artist may be a "real life" based pic about "how Israel initiated the 6 Day War, in order to conquer "Palestinian" lands and initiate The Occupation...
Despicable Trio of Jihad-enablers!
4. "Our Boys" Plays No Favorites
Lizbeth Glickman ,   Waltham, MA   (08.20.19)
As prof. writer for over 4 decades, I have to point out the totally obsessive nature of this piece. That is in addition to the lack of quality of the actual writing.

Each person watching can back up their own mind. One does not need someone else's opinion in order to understand what happened in 2014. The acting and the writing for this series is very well done. The complexities of the situation are treated with relevant seriousness. But the reviewer missed that in his attempt to review it.
5. May their camera lenses crack each time they try to take pic
6. Same actress plays Rachel Frankel and Tamar Ettinger.
NYC   (08.20.19)
7. Rachel Frankel and Tamar Ettinger, same actress.
NYC   (08.20.19)
Fake event nobody was kidnapped, killed, etc.
8. I'd love someone dare to punch Arab-Jihadi "gut" (literally)
9. Another disgusting anti Jews show where victim is perpetrato
10. Another movie based on public theatre.
NYC   (08.27.19)
11. Appease
David ,   San Fransisco   (09.01.19)
This movie should never air.
Israeli public is intelligent
Appease, appease, appease... do not be constructive in your thinking about the facts and evidence of the case; and the horrifying events that followed/even Our BOYS.
From Drew-David
Paralegal USA

Baruch Dayan HaAmet
To the 3 Martyrs.
12. Rule No.1: If you are an Israeli artist & want to "make it"
in Hollywood (or other international milieu) you have to present your PC- credentials, meaning: being anti "occupation", "inclusive of others" (whatever the hell that means!) and prove you despise both Netanyahu & Trump.
It's a given that your work has to show that, otherwise, forget about any significant Prize (or praise)
13. Miriam adelson
David Drew ,   Los ann   (09.06.19)
What do we do
14. President Rivlin's wise words.
Stop the incitement, a man of honor, courage, integrity. Trump and Netanyahu could learn something.
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