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Israel makes suffering of Mizrahi Jews in Holocaust a mandatory subject
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 15.08.19, 14:58
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1. the Farhud
Gary Selikow   (08.15.19)
google the farhud to see the atrocities committed by Arabs against Jews in the Middle East at the time
2. Holocaust subject removed from israeli schools? its a joke?!
That explains the arian nation supremacy theory in Israel under a new Jewish-White-Supremacy movement especially among orthodox and religious criminal-settler-thugs
3. I guess next step is Mizrahi "holocaust" study "curriculum"
smokeonwater   (08.15.19)
Peretz arrogance of shamelessly applying the Holocaust of European jews for use on Mizrahi Jews who didn't experience even 0.00001% of horror which European jews went thru. DISGUSTING.
4. Yo, people: it's all fine &noble, but how about suffering of
folks living in Sderot and Gaza proximity?!
Or bloody Ashqelon/Ashdod or so many other places in this land & THIS age?!!
Anyway, seems like we haven't learned too much from the Holocaust, since with our own two hand, we've created a Muslim monster within our own sovereign country, ceded land to arch-enemy (and called it Piss-process!)
So stop this "teaching the past" nonsense and concentrate on bloody FUTURE!
5. Teaching the Holocaust in Israel
baruch ,   Paris, France   (08.15.19)
I have difficulty in believing your assertion in the above article that "the subject of the Holocaust has been removed from the (Israeli) school curriculum."

Are you certain of your facts?

One would imagine that taking such a decision would have led to a national row that would have been reported outsidethe country. I don't remember anything of the sort.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
6. in Morocco it was awful
me   (08.15.19)
Horror stories of my grandmother and my great grandmother peeling fresh white truffles for dinner. The Arab bringing the freshly baked bread and kissing their feet for the coin he was given. God bless the Royal family and our Moroccan neighbours.
7. Late
Mordechai ,   San Francisco   (08.16.19)
Better late than never... but it is very very late in coming to do this
8. How depressingly sad
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (08.22.19)
There is nothing antisemites like more than to observe Jews squabbling over who and who were not victims of genocide. who had it easier, who had it worse. There is no hierarchy of suffering.
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