Despite being granted entry, Tlaib cancels visit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.08.19, 10:31
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1. In yiddish,such an excuse is called a BUBBA MEISER
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.19)
She says she wants to visit 2 BUBBAS as a twofer.... ie her real bubba and Hannan Ashrawi her adopted bubba
2. Now she is asking respectfully
Israeli   (08.16.19)
Good that they were banned the first time because they didn't mention Israel but Palestine. Now that she learned her place, she is asking respectfully to visit Israel. You respect us, we respect you. But if you talking crap about us then you won't visit. I say allow her to visit since she asked respectfully.
3. After the hoopla she made visit on any grounds is political
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.16.19)
Deny her so called "humanitarian" visa
4. Suddenly she discovered she has a grandmother.. complete BS
Al   (08.16.19)
5. I can do one better: send her whole diseased clan to her!
I'm paying. (plus many sane Israelis, no doubt)
Of course we're talking permanent residency in the US.
They must somehow balance their "poor&huddles masses of...Mexicans and God knows what South American invaders)
6. DON'T LET HER IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.16.19)
SHE IS A TERRORIST SUPPORTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Should be a plain sailing!
N ,   N   (08.16.19)
If not then Israel would be in Trump's pocket.
8. Tlaib should be allowed to enter under strict restrictions
C   (08.16.19)
she should not be allowed to visit the temple mount.
she should not be allowed to engage in any politicking whatsoever.
if this is a private family visit, it should stay so.
9. Israel was suposed to refuse her humanitarian visit toGranma
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.19)
but when Israel OKayed the trip, Tliab backed out of the visit. So poor Granma will not see her wunderkind Granddaughter.and vice versa.
10. Cowards in the Cabinate
douglas klein ,   ft Lauderdale   (08.16.19)
Mistake Mistake Mistake.. Homarim , Chavarim sheli, We block our enemies all the time we don't issue visas to people on list we don't allow family to visit because we believe they won't leave Why do you capitulate to the double standard and the Jew Hating Democrats. Tlaib and Ch'Omer are your enemies and ours too. Stand your ground.
11. dishonest reporting, She rejected with contempt the Israel's
kms ,   Al-Quds, Palestine   (08.16.19)
humiliating conditions for visiting her 90-year old mother in Ramallah
12. Shows how little Tlaib cares about her bubby.
Sam ,   Montreal   (08.16.19)
If Tlaib couldn't come to blacken Israel's name then it was no fun for her. That's all she cared about.
13. Israelis are being played for sucker's.. lousy leadership ..
Al   (08.16.19)
15. Persona Non Grata
LATIN LOVER ,   Latin America   (08.16.19)
16. Words fail to express my feelings toward our “Bibi”! Yikes!!
17. Who published the letter?
N ,   N   (08.16.19)
I think that she really wanted to visit her family but this letter was most likely deemed as a submission to Israel by the BDS movement. And now she had to give up her plan. She lost her face either way: If Aryeh Deri isn't responsible for the publication of the letter it would be good to distance himself from that.
18. Life expectancy in WestBank is best in M E.Bubby is 90 plus
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.19)
If Bubby lived anywhere else, would she have lived that long. ...So "occupation occupation "was good for Bubby's life expectancy"
19. Who is the real Rashida Tlaib?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.16.19)
A woman, who's hate of Israel is far greater than the love for her grandmother.

This is the woman the Liberal Democrats so fiercely defend!

The real losers in this spectacle are the Democrats, who seem to have lost control over their party to a fanatic bunch of Jew hating Marxists, outdoing each others in cursing Israel.....yes this includes super Jewish idiot Bernie Sanders.
20. She is s criminal terrorist
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.16.19)
21. Your speculation is disgusting just as you are
Jack   (08.16.19)
Keep the enemy away!
22. Every breath from her is a lie
Steve gilbert ,   Teaneck   (08.16.19)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.17.19)
Paycheck form them instead. These two have nothing to offer to PALIS or anyone they represent in US. They yap about more freedom for PALIS while they know more freedom will just mean more chaos since they are not able to control their own mullahs within any government.
24. Tlaib won't come
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.19)
Frankly ,my dear,I don't glve a damn!
25. Why are Dems sicking to 2states side by side from 1990s Oslo
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.19)
when Hez and Hamas are now powerful.Syria is infested with ISIS ,Russia is in Syria , Iran is running around whole M E from Yemen to Idlib and frm Beirut to Afghanistan. Why do they link Anti Semitism vote to 2 State Solution..I am athinking that because of the new kids on the block,Dems dont give a rats about Israel safety!
26. Fraud
Ed   (08.18.19)
What a phony. If she were really fighting "racism, injustice and oppression" she would be the biggest supporter of Israel.
27. Surely under same conditions in 2015 Netanyahu would...
have cancelled.
After all in March of 2015 Netanyahu went to DC and appeared before a joint session of congress and then he criticized POTUS 44 Mr. Obama.
I am not a fan of Obama.
I am a fan of democracy.
In 2015 democracy won out.
After all what would all of you be saying if in 2015 Netanyahu had been denied entry to the USA?!
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.18.19)
About as welcome as a loud fart in a Public Library.
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