A crucial moment for the future of the Jewish people
Isaac Herzog, Chairman of The Jewish Agency
Published: 16.08.19, 18:28
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1. Get rid of BiBI and Trump and maybe we can start.
2. The writing is on the wall. Jews will flee to Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.16.19)
Twenty years ago, English and French Jews would have laughed at the idea their lives would soon be in danger. Today, they aren't laughing. The exact same factors are at work in every diaspora nation. The writing is on the wall. Jews will flee the diaspora to Israel, and it could come much sooner than American Jews think. Their fake liberal friends will be the first to desert them in their hour of need. History constantly repeats itself.
3. The future of the Jewish people is Israel.
Al   (08.16.19)
The diaspora is at best temporary at worst deadly.

To Jews in the diaspora. I tell you this as one who lives among you.

My feet are in the west but my heart is in the east.
There is no divide..if you want a Jewish future its Israel otherwise good luck living among those who would and will throttle you. .

I for one will not cry a river as to your lives and future.

I do care about Israel as that's where my legacy and inheritance will go.

Thank you very much..
4. Potential immigrants must run the gauntlet of ....
NYC   (08.16.19)
the quasi religious organization of Nefesh B'Nefesh before even speaking to someone at the Jewish Agency. To run this gauntlet you need a letter from Rabbi who knows you are Jewish, so no atheists or un-affiliated allowed. And that is just the beginning of your headaches.
5. There R already 2 separate peoples:Torah Jews,& secular Jews
Yithak Cohen ,   Dimona   (08.16.19)
Do you know that hundreds of thousands of Haredeem view Muslims as closer to Judaism than reform as well as agnostic Jews. I don't blame them. Muslims respect, adore and venerate the Torah, but people like Lieberman openly insult the Holy scripture. I heard a Knesset member call the Torah a barbarian book~
6. It is to bad.....
DSM ,   USA   (08.16.19)
so many of American Jews are far left progressives first and Jews second or even third. To many of these Jews Israel is a pariah.
7. Is Israel a country or a Temple? Temples don't unite people.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.17.19)
8. Both current leaders have to go.
Marvin A ,   Las vegas   (08.17.19)
I love israel and support you completely. With the exception of Bibi Netanyahu
This man is just like trump and causes more difficulties for both countries
9. Bouji looking out for himself& his job:-) He must create the
impression his agency is crucial to our survival.
Jews always lived in diaspora and adapted.
They will continue to do so and we better accept it.
Second: God forbid they all should end up here.
We just don't have room for all of them.
Apartments are expensive as it is.
No, no,no: Brothers & Sisters, stay where you are.
If world's nations cannot embrace you, it's their problem.
10. Herzog is Clueless
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (08.18.19)
in any position of power. Secular (non-orthodox) American Jews are rapidly assimilating and disappearing. Reform and Conservative membership is negligible and at least 25% of them are not Jewish. These people don't come to live here. His job should be increasing an aliyah from the US and not wasting time on healing "rift". The people who are most likely to make aliyah are Orthodox Jews. That is where his efforts should be concentrated.
11. Israel is NOT "homeland" for Jewish people...
TheWall   (08.20.19)
Homeland is where you were BORN. Period.
Being a Jew has NOTHINF to do with israel.
Israel was created with racist and opportunistic goals of the zionist dealers.
Israel today is not Jewish. Onky
65% of Israel's population is jewish.
By 2050 = 50%.
Antisemitism is created by Israel's actions against Palestinians.
This is one of many other reasons.
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