Pelosi assails 'weakness' of Trump and Netanyahu
Associated Press
Published: 17.08.19, 10:36
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1. Q is -can relationship withstand Socialist Democratic Party
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.19)
hellbent on turning USA into another South American type country by recruiting people like Tliab and Omar.Nancy has got it wrong!
2. "Weakness" of Trump & Netanyahu?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.17.19)
SUBMISSION of Pelosi & Democrats!

The real loser is the Democratic party who is being hijacked by a group of Marxist America & Jew haters!

And the only thing that Pelosi, Schumer & friends seem to be able to do is to help them do it.

3. It seems that the M+M's have control over Democrat Party !
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.17.19)
And you ask yourself - what is M+M's? The Muslims and the Mexicans !
Democrats - how low can you go ? Really ? The way the Dems are behaving lately, it is clear they have NO concern over the American citizens.

America, beware, you are slowly (or quickly) catching up to Europe's mix-up society. Sure, America is built on the backbone of immigrants - but at least they legally entered the country. Your economics are going to suffer if Democrats take over.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON   (08.17.19)
Pelori do take note.The Labour party only got elected when Kinnock and Blair got rid of the reds in the Labour Party of Britain ,These were trying to take over the party and almost succeeded..Your traditional supportes will abandon you in the elections because Tlaib and Omar support the Moslem Brotherhood and sympathize with terrorists.Just ask Tony Blair about it.Your battle to keep the the 5th column in the party and retain support is bound to fail.Have the courage to purge your party before its too late.You are too old in the tooth not to realise this . If you do not have the courage ,resign and let someone else do that before its too late.Otherwise you will be in the political wilderness for at least a decade.Just talk to Tony Blair.
5. Au Contraire
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.17.19)
Some folk might disagree with President Trump and Prime minister Netanyahu or disagree with their policies ,but both Trump and Netanyahu are anything but weak ,in fact they are both very formidable and very strong.
6. Pelosi, the weakness comes from you
C   (08.17.19)
you have allowed a few radicals who worship at the feet of islam and
marxism to hijack the democratic party.
winning elections is more important for you than to fight against jew
hating anti-americans.
you have no strategy and no viable policy.
you policy is to sacrifice israel for the dishonor of having a few
radicals dictate the future of your party and as such, the future
of your country.
omar and talib have place in the sovereign jewish state of israel
for the simple reason that they advocate for the elimination of
the jewish state. israel has the right to deny entry to enemies
of the state, whoever they may be.
7. Members of US Congress are always welcome in Israel, except
C   (08.17.19)
those who advocate for the elimination of the state.
it can never be accepted that foreign parliamentarians advocate for the
elimination of the jewish state of israel.
this policy has nothing to do with people's religion, race or creed.
it has to do with the right of every nation to keep out enemies of the state.
8. All the crybabies should go visit Assad, the reformer
omar and tlaib should volunteer to be among the first.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON   (08.17.19)
10. Crazy times we're living in. The insane are running Asylum!
11. Things in Democratic party are getting curiouser&curiouser..
12. doormat-yes sir
william   (08.17.19)
bibi is one of the most nervous insecure leaders Israel has ever had. it seems he cannot act on his own convictions. he worries and project his worries onto Israelis who are more resilient that he is, especially in the security field.

when opportunities arose, he fails and failed to take the initiative and finish the job.

i could have told you he would lie down for trump. he runs scared. he must not lead Israel against hezbollah and hamas as he simply lacks guts.others would say he is yellow to the bone.

saying this, lapid is even worse since he is a smug arrogant withdrawal man/ gantz was passive in the gaza war and did not deliver the punch or did not force bibi to launch a destruction of hamas assets.

vote for shaked and israelis better wake up before it is too late as israel will be rocketed from the west bank if gantz and lapid take power. even bibi would withdraw under trump directions-yes sir, where do i lick your boots.

vote for bennett who was the only one that shapira was right on the mark in the gaza war who forced the govt to hit the tunnels.

13. Like it or not-squad is future face of Democrats.Isrl+ Jews
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.19)
are being offloaded EXCEPT for billionaire US Jews who bankroll their party.(It is the Benjamins silly) President Trump is quite right!
14. Pelosi would support the devil to stay in power
DSM ,   USA   (08.17.19)
In fact she is by supporting the squad.
15. sigh! PM Netanyahu is turning us into a vassal state. 2 sad!
16. The weak will inherit the earth....
URBAN RABBI ,   SAFED   (08.18.19)
17. Pelosi is an ENEMY of the United States and of course she
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.18.19)
hates Israel. She is as bad as they come...
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (08.18.19)
You should stop using PALIS for your own political agenda. PALIS are too weak to have a sovereign state of their own, much like the mullahs of Iran that you x boss was in love with so much. These two stooges will just bring chaos and mayhem to Israel with their presents. They should work for American people in congress and not the mullahs. So should you. Some dems will use any opportunity to confront Trump even if it means to cooperate with the enemy
19. after sharon
mark   (08.18.19)
after ariel sharon, israel was led by civilian olmert, linvi and peretz. they seemed to have no feel for what it would take to upend nasrollah.They sat back and expect the idf to do its job. Yet plans were vague. and civlian leaders were limited by casuaties.

Not so after liberatin from concentration camps when jews later were energized and fought like lions. Sharon was a great example of forward movement, surprise, massive and smart bombardment, and removing enemy concentrations. Where are other generals like sharon?

All we hear is improve gaza economic situation, and don't heat up the south cause we have to deal with the north.

Netanyahu who at least fires back for every rocket limits idf response each and every time. Gantz was anemic during the gaza war. lapid sided with gantz and yaalon before even the tunnels were hit.I hgave no confidence in either of them.

so civilians leaders while not required to be idf fighters, must have some feel for the fight. and that includes former idf fighters, some of whom have little feel for the attack.

rabbis and loyal mullahs have to utilized to lift the spirits of idf soldiers, Jews and non- Jews.

Soldiers should be bypassing death traps and go around and come back to wipe out such traps.

netanyahu like olmert before him seems to have no feel for the attack or curiosity about devising atttack plans.

leaders must be part of the attack plans and not sit back.

Otherwise you get leaders like olmert and peretz who buggered up the Hezbollah war; and bibi and gantz who buggered up the Gaza war.
Civilian leaders have to light a fire under the asses of the generals. and if they don't draw up attack plans, then replace them.That is if an attack is needed

Clearly general halutz and gantz should have been replaced in my opinion. Civilian leaders have to be active in war deliberations and plans and not simply say the generals said I couldn't do it.

IDF must not simply react proportionately and defensively which it now does.

20. Nancy sez-A deep and long-standing relationship with Israel
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.19)
Sorry Nancy,- that day Barak Hussein abstained in that UNSC vote against Israel in Nov 2017 AFTER PRES TRUMP WAS ELECTED BY something 303 to 220 (whatever) it was for me the signal that the Democratic Party was not a friend of Israel any more and it was now with the ├Âther side
21. We can see you are a Rabbi-the saying is actually the meek
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.19)
22. Upside down
Ed ,   USA   (08.18.19)
As usual, everything is upside down. A propaganda visit from R & O would have provoked Palestinian violence. Some Palestinians would have been killed. Barring R & O saved Palestinian lives. Palestinian mothers should be thanking Netanyahu. If the Democrats cared about the Palestinian people, they wouldn't support R & O.
23. Pelosi is a cocain addict who has had several strokes and
Rivkah   (08.18.19)
has enough doubles to appear in four countries on the same day. Time to out her and to get her out of Congress and into jail where she and most democrats in office belong. There is a long list of them in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal who visited his pedo-island and raped children and killed them and ate them. Time for such scum to go to military tribunals in Gitmo and be executed for treason.
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