Hamas wants to create an illusion it's up for a war with Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 18.08.19, 12:00
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1. Whatever: main thing- Israel is (as always) REACTING!!!
2. It always happens like this
Gary   (08.18.19)
Hamas beats their chest and vows to burn Israel and then when the crunch comes the brave jiahdi warriors are turned into teary eyed victims for the news cameras wailing about 'Israeli agression' and the 'Palerstinian Holocaust'
3. No you idiots! Is not an illusion
Phoenix   (08.18.19)
Terrorists don’t give a damn about dying and their are not afraid any time!
4. Cowardly leadership that hides behind women and children
ksm ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.19)
When the going gets tough.
5. Read Al Qaida 7 step plan, Hamas is a big part, cair, msa...
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