Opinion  Orly Azoulay
Netanyahu is playing with fire
Orly Azoulay
Published: 18.08.19, 20:57
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1. Refusal to 2 Congress woman
BZ ,   New York   (08.18.19)
Dear Orly

Nonsense !
- some one has to put them in their place
- the Democratic Party is intimidated by these 4 junior congress women
who are rabid anti-semites
- the real embarrassment is our Jewish congressmen who think they will
be " safe" by supporting their anti-Israel positions rather than their
- Netanyahu was absolutely right in not allowing them to come and bash
- as long as the Democrats are afraid of the " squad" there will be no
Democratic Party support for Israel
- it has NOTHING to do with not allowing them into Israel
( actually they didn't even want to visit Israel- they wanted to visit
Palestine ! )

BZ , NY , NY
2. Israel lost its bipartisan status already when Obama abstain
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.19)
ed in UN Security Council Vote in Nov 20016. In fact, Obama moved over to the side of Iran.even earlier. Hence JCPOA and billions of $$$ in cash on pallets delivered to the cruelest country in the M E -hanging waring imprisoning. Remember that cheeky UNSC vote AFTER TRUMP won the election- in Obamas lame duck days.? Obama always wanted to make Iran the main M E power. to eclipse Israel. The Democrat Party has changed completely in respect of its support base and therfore its policy menu. It has become a Party of ethnic voters. and a sprinkling of so-called progressive White types. Of South American origin voters.Of Muslim Voters. By 2040 or so the White Population of USA will be the minority..All the aforementioned Voters don't like Israel.for many reasons. They will never come to love Israel-ever. At least Bibi managed to get a few years start on this badly developing future (for Israel)in US politics. Of course one future day there will be a Democrat President and a Democrat Administration in Senate and in Congress.. In the remaining few years, Israel must develop in as many fields as possible and try to come to peace with Saudi, UAE, Oman , Egypt etc. The Palestinians will NEVER ever make peace. They will have to be bypassed by Israel's developing good relations with the other M E States Please don't try to blame Bibi totally for all this..He is 0.0002 % to blame. This squad is firing squad against Jews and Israel. Everything they do is carefully calculated to do the most damage to Israel.We must resist their evil wicked plans to destroy us.
3. If we lost favour with Dem Congress-then it wasnt there in
the first place
4. In context of US rela's, Bibi acts to help BIBI - NOT Israel
Rafi ,   US   (08.19.19)
that's always been the case, going back to his 2014 - 2015 performances before UN Gen Assembly, and US Congress... (remember the cartoon lit cannonball?)

It's all about playing to his ignorant base back in Israel, as well as to right-wing conservative DONATING Jews in US...

Whatever keeps him in office - that's fine.

He's done so @ enormous cost to bi-partisan support for Israel...
5. Stop apologising
Philip ,   northern Israel   (08.19.19)
Whats the big deal here ?,two trouble makers were banned frrom entering the country. Every soverign country has the right to do this if it they so choose. I am not a Bibi fan or supporter but do agree with him on this issue.
6. WOW-The Dems dont like us! How will we survive?
Mordechai ,   Efrat   (08.18.19)
Did anyone notice that every article written by Orly Azoulay-every article-consistently Is about somehow attacking Netanyahu, and something else he did wrong? Oy vey-the Democrats dont like us! What will be?
7. Israel my best country
I love is israel   (08.19.19)
nice article and analysis. Americans are good to Israel and Israelis are good to Americans. Divine connection both enjoy.
John Ralph ,   Washington   (08.18.19)
Binyamin Netanyahu did great decision.
Most of the people on us stand behind Netanyahu.
Israel seem stronger when she has clearly statement.
The enemies work for destroy Israel states are outside the realm of discourse.
Like all human understand that Israel don’t need to give entry permit to neo- Nazis leaders. So does Israel don’t need to give entry permit to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. The goals of both are not so far.
The right of sovereign country is to put clearly red line, and forbid the enemies to enter in the state borders.
This strong movement will influence us and other country to stop their enemies outside the border.
9. Things will be different
Tc   (08.19.19)
... after the 17th September.
10. Netanyahu is playing with fire
Idiotic opinion .!!!
11. they were coming invited and following only the
Joseph ,   USA   (08.18.19)
they were coming invited and following only the itinerary set by a Palestinian organization that criticised Obama for not taking their account of the European blood libel serious. Are you kidding me.like these 2 idiots needed more encouragement to keep up their incendiary anti-Semitic rhetoric? Is good they we're banned. Everyone knows that every single founder of the kkk was a democrat. Things haven't change a bit in the democratic party. They just pretend it to be different. They still pushing for planned parenthood so blacks keep aborting their babies, they still pushing for gun control so Jews and blacks have no right to bear arms and defend themselves. Still the party that thinks blacks are totoo stupid to know where the dmv offices are or are stupid enough not to know how to get an id. They are evil. They have turned San Francisco into a $h!t h0le. And they want todo the Dane with the test of the country. That's all they want. To bring America to it's knees.
12. 2 extremist House members were playing a bad lil game
Cameron   (08.19.19)
They were denied entry upon the advice & recommendation of the US Prez.

Those of Congress are not allowed to alter and damage our relationships and alliances in the international setting.
13. No sane American disagrees with Netanyahu's decision
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (08.18.19)
These women are not just ant-Israel, they are vehemently opposed top Israel's existence & have made many anti-semitic remarks. Every sensible American fully understands Israel's reasons for barring them, including members of their own districts who are very unhappy with them. Omar & Tlaib will be out of Congress in a year.
14. Nope. Israel did the right thing.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.18.19)
These two wingnuts can go spin their bilge on some other stage. These two are useful idiots, nothing more.
15. Vote
Jonathan MI Graham ,   oceanside NY   (08.18.19)
The only hope is to vote Netanyahu out and maybe people in the USA will blame the person and not the country
16. Sky is falling! (Again?) roll-eyes here
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (08.19.19)
17. Orly is totally off base. With this
Lucifer69   (08.19.19)
she has lost credibility with many voters that will not vote for
her in the next election.
Dumb move.
18. Azoulay missing the boat. Again.
Trump Be Dee Man ,   USA   (08.19.19)
the author of this piece displays an enormous deficit of understanding of US politics, realpolitik and the human condition: Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. As it has been, as it will always be.

Israel, in playing Trump's hand, has a US embassy in Jerusalem, recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory and carte blanche to strike anywhere on its periphery to hit Iranian advances in the region. And the US government is no longer playing footsie with Iran.

The Democrats, liberals that they are, are toxic to humanity. Liberalism destroys culture, it destroys marriage, it destroys family, it destroys personal rights and it destroys the meaning of words. It all depends on what the meaning of the word "is," is. Right Mr. Clinton? You pedophile, just like your buddy Epstein.

Azoulay is lost, the like liberalism she endorses.

A Trump landslide in 2020. Another seat on SCOTUS. A stronger Israel and a Left at the fringes, clutching its hold on the urban sheep while the EU, Israel, India and other civilizations jettison the leftover 60's BS and get real.
19. today's democratic party in the U.S.
Serge Fischler ,   nyc   (08.18.19)
Miss Azoulay is not necessarily wrong about the decision of not allowing these 2 politicians in Israel, and about Netanyahu's motives.
However, as a registered democrat in the U.S., and no fan of Pres. Trump, I think it is time for us to realize that it has been a while that the Democratic party has changed its position vis a vis Israel.
Former Pres. Obama has made sure that this change of heart has happened, and the same Democratic party's response to these 2 politicians' virulent anti semitic comments has clearly shown it is not the same party of not so long ago.
20. nonsense
shloime ,   toronto   (08.19.19)
72 “american lawmakers”, including 41 democrats, visited israel 2 weeks ago. tlaib and omar refused to join that tour. instead, they prepared their own itinerary,which avoided all contact with israel and israelis, and only included “palestinian” propaganda. america doesn’t grant entry to anyone who openly incites against america, so why should israel?

in addition, it was arye deri, minister of interior, who decided to bar their entry. because it isn’t the prime minister’s responsibility. and it was deri who gave permission for tlaib to visit her grandmother, and outmanoeuvred tlaib, showing her up for the hypocrite that she is.

and yes, israel receives $3.8 billion a year of military aid from america. but it’s far from a simple handout. it keeps thousands of americans working, and reduces israel’s ability to develop its arms exports, and compete with the united states. even obama saw the need to continue it, for 10 years AFTER his presidency, for america’s benefit, not israel’s.

the author may dislike prime minister netanyahu, but the facts don’t support her prejudice.
21. The sky is falling , the sky is falling ....: NOT
Arnie ,   Montreal   (08.18.19)
OMG- You news people are like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling. Bottom line those 2 women put together an itinerary that was beyond acceptable to Israel. And when the offer to Tlaib was refused after she herself made the request stinks. And if Trump had a part to play in it then maybe the “tail is not wagging the dog” as people have accused Israel of doing to the US.
Ariel Claude ,   Fort Lauderdale   (08.18.19)
Nothing could be further from the truth as the prime minister stood tall and strong against the ANTI-SEMITES in Congress... Or the new vocabulary to use are Zionophobes and Judeophobes
OLEG ,   FL   (08.18.19)
24. First of all, it's not "Netanyahu", it's Trump, who makes
the right (for Israel) decisions.
Second: screw the "bipartisan", when one of the "partisans" is turning into a fascist, Jew hating outfit.
USA is on a brink of total implosion and just like with the old USSR, nobody seems to notice or anticipate that...
Well, maybe the good folks at FOX- News..(occasionally)
25. Well it’s time the truth comes out. Trumpsters beware.
Ken   (08.18.19)
26. headline
Agnes Losonczi   (08.18.19)
Opinion, you're alone with your cr@p, moreover you sound singularly ignorant and narrow minded in reference to the REAL, day to day israeli security problems! Screw the "bipartisan state with congress" when REAL, flesh and blood lives would have been put into danger because of the toxic visit of these two! Do come down to the israeli earth and life from high and mighty camarilla politics!
27. A small part of the US Congress, consisting of the Muzzies
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.19.19)
and AOC is FOUL & ROTTEN !!!!!!!! To appease terrorist supporters would be TOTAL MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bibi is 100% RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28. Bashing Netanyahu for the sake of bashing Netanyahu
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   London   (08.18.19)
Very speculative and one sided article prophesying gloom for no good reason.The Democratic party has to demonstrate unity but will be conducting serious soul searching as to whether it should allow radicals to take over its agenda and risk losing support from most of its moderate supporters.It will probably decide in the end that its domestic agenda is more important for winning votes than the foreign policy agenda of its extremist antisemitistic hateful Islamist wing.
29. What "colossal catastrophe" are you talking about?
solomon ,   New York   (08.19.19)
There has been none; no one crying to the world, no one threatening anything...and they themselves proved it by asking permission to visit Tlaib's grandmother, and after it was GRANTED they themselves REJECTED it!
30. Jew haters should not be welcomed in the Jewish state
C   (08.18.19)
we were used to jew hatred propagated by the far right.
jew hatred from the left, especially from the american democratic
party and some of its members, is something new.

we have a jewish state essentially to provide a safe haven for
jews from everywhere in the world.
we do not want jew haters who want to eliminate jewish israel
to come to israel to use their visit to for propaganda purposes.

for thousands of years, jews fought for zion and their ancient
homeland, israel. they sacrificed themselves and even their
children, for zion.
the alliance between israel and the united states is based
on mutual interests and shared values. jew hatred is not a
value supported by most americans. it is devastating that there
are jews who condemn the prime minister while supporting
those radicals who want to eliminate the jewish state.
prayers for the peace of jerusalem and for the peace of the world.
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