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Images show Iran satellite launch looms despite US criticism
Associated Press
Published: 18.08.19, 22:20
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1. Israel will sabotage the launch again
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.18.19)
2. Just like what happened in Russia with their missile....
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.18.19)
when you play with matches, you can get burned.

Russia doesn't care that half a dozen brilliant scientists are dead or that hundreds of people have been exposed to radiation; that's just the way Putin is. Oh well, we expect that of Russia.

Iran will find out that putting satellites over countries that you have threatened to wipe off the planet will get you all sorts of nighttime visitors. They'll just have to learn the hard way. Tsk, tsk.

It would be such a shame if, in one of those nighttime visitations, a few cruise missiles missed their primary target and happened to hit the parliament buildings instead.

These new-fangled guidance systems- never quite sure where the missiles are going to land!
3. missile launch
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (08.19.19)
and iran will continue to do so until israel goes to war and sets them back 20 years
4. only a matter of time Iran possesses a huge nuclear arsenal
N. Mutavasily ,   Tehran   (08.19.19)
5. Iran, which has long said it doesn't seek nuclear weapons,
What propaganda.
Plenty of proof facts that Iran was and is still developing nuclear program.

I think this is a prime example of how the media is creating a false reality.

Leads to death and destruction.

Stop with the AP articles which are ideological not factual.

If you need a writer a 10 year old Israeli could do better.
6. Iranians deserve a national day of Iranians
this human   (08.19.19)
Their government has cost them.
7. There are no man made satellites?
NYC   (08.19.19)
There is no vetted evidence or examined proof for man made satellites? In fact there cannot be any such working devices for rockets do not work at all in a vacuum, radiation, micro meteorites, space which is a vacuum will crush these tin cans, no energy source that works in a vacuum. And the logic that there are satellites because they supposedly work but there are many other ways we can and are reaping the benefits that are then ascribed to satellites, like balloons, planes etc.
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