Bank of Israel: Ultra-Orthodox hinder economic growth
Adir Yanko
Published: 19.08.19, 07:58
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1. They could barely show some bias
Joseph ,   USA   (08.19.19)
2. Every group needs to contribute to the economy
Proud Israeli   (08.19.19)
The religious, regardless of background or ethnicity, are no exception. This will weaken our country. They have to study and work like everyone else. They can study religion on their own time after work. Anyone who loves this country can see this is not sustainable. I hope Lieberman and the reasonable people in our government get these people into proper education and proper jobs.
3. There are no monks in Judaism.
There is no flower without the Torah, but there is no Torah without four. By this statement the Sages called for Jews to combine work and study.
4. Any figures? Percentages? Any information? Maybe a link?
5. Haredim are the real peaceful, God-loving Jews, Zionist Jew
Assaf Buhbut ,   Beer Sheva   (08.19.19)
along with Zionism itself, the modern Golden Calf, are a spent force
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.19.19)
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.19.19)
Mr Cynic ,   safed cynic house   (08.19.19)
9. The Author misses the point
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.19.19)
They don't study non-academic subjects because they don't want to !
Mr Cynic ,   SAFED   (08.19.19)
Who needs ,maths ,sciences and english when you can have wine ,women & Song ?
11. Maybe at least they could discover God's hair color???!
12. Ultra Orthodoxe being the soul of Jewish Israel
Ora ,   Bnei Brak   (08.19.19)
has a different mission than the Secular which is the body of Israel
Don t underestimate the task of the soul in Israel growth
The Secular people are doing a great job The world is looking up to Israels wonderful achievements thanks to them
But Israel needs urgently the Jewish identity because if there is a void Islam will have a very easy way to implant their sharia here
So thank you Ultra Orthodoxe for taking care of a growing Jewish population and for taking the burden upon themself of keeping the Tora alive in Israel
Israel needs both all Jews united
Pointing fingers one agaist another only benefits our common enemies
13. Incomplete economic picture since it leaves out..
Steve Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (08.19.19)
drug smuggling, money laundering, and other tax evasion schemes.
14. What does secular society offer men? Divorce, alimony,
NYC   (08.19.19)
equitable distribution of asset, child support for children you almost never even see, etc etc.
15. Haredi men get their community's repsect, honor.
NYC   (08.19.19)
They get to live with the wives and father their children. They are not put in jail for not supporting their children because their wives do not divorce them but honor them for studying. Secular life for men is that of a slave, work yourself to death and to addiction. And in Israel you have the army to get yourself killed. What does secular life actually offer men?
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