Palestinian intelligence warns of possible violent uprising in West Bank
Elior Levy
Published: 19.08.19, 12:53
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1. Although we don't want it, such "uprising" could be the
final straw to break camel's back, or rather: "Palestinian" back.
Maybe then, our Glorious Leaders could find it in their hearths, to clean Judea& Samaria once and forever from Muslim occupiers....
2. the uprising will be against PA a.m.a Israel's apartheid sys
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.19)
3. Occupation and abuse perfect Formula for uprising.
ironbutterfly   (08.19.19)
4. And just what the hell is it now ..?!
PalestinianRacists ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.19)
And if there will be one just like the others ..israel will come out of it even stronger as it always has like after the last one The Jewish populations in Judea and Samaria doubled
5. And yet the Arabs who stayed in school.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.19.19)
and got through college with degrees in useful subjects are doing very well.

Is it Israel's fault that the PA has goaded the Arabs to exist only on hate?

Plenty of Arabs have advanced degrees and work in medicine and high tech. maybe if Arab schools thought more of preparing the students for life, instead of jihad, the situation would be different.

But the schools, media, and mosques only teach and indoctrinate what Abbas demands. If there is an uprising, it should be the Arabs revolting against the PA.
6. Bizarre
Ed ,   USA   (08.20.19)
Hello, West Bank Palestinians. There is another way. You don't have to commit disgusting acts of violence. You don't need to get yourselves killed. Accept Trump's financial incentives. Your lives will improve. You may be able to get some businesses going. You may get your self respect back if to be Palestinian is not the same as to committing atrocities. Why follow Hamas to a pittance when you can get really better and more moral lives and follow a path toward real autonomy?
7. Arabs usurping the moniker "Palestinians" have nothing else
to show for their efforts at combating the Jewish state, except piles of dead bodies of their "martyrs" (or as we, normal people call them: despicable terrorist pigs)
Thus they must continue this otherwise profitable charade in hope of....what exactly?
Rashida Tlaib becoming the President of United States?
You know what: judging by the creeping brain-death of big swaths of US population, that day may be not that far off!
After all, this is a nation, that 7 short years after 9/11 have chosen to install in the Oval Office, a closet Muslim, who's very name should give them goose-bumps, one Barack Hussein Obama!
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