PM's wife restrained by own security as she tries to enter airplane cockpit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.08.19, 14:34
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1. The National Embarrassment strikes again
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (08.19.19)
How much longer do we need to see and tolerate this ugly repugnant woman? She needs to sail into the sunset - and she can take Bibi and that nutcase of a son Yair with them - Enough of them already. Pretty sure Bibi doesn't want to retire - imagine being stuck with THAT day in and day out and only a golf course to ease the pain LOL!!!!
2. uncultured uneducated selfcentered
doda ,   tel aviv   (08.19.19)
and raised her children in her image.
time get rid of all the family
3. Roy Weiner
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (08.19.19)
It seems ol' Roy Weiner has got his spiteful back up in the air about something. Usually, it boils down to the fact that 'sometimes you just can't go home'. If this is the case, he no doubt needs his septic tank pumped.
4. i don't know the facts but
bery   (08.19.19)
whatever the facts, voters only voted for Benjamin Netanyahu as pm. He deserves the courtesy and respect associated with the office. no one voted for Sara as pm no 2. they don't care if she is a psychologist or whatever. we did not vote for her.

so basically Benjamin should tell her to keep quiet while she accompanies him on govt business. he has to have the courage to tell her this fact-she is not deserving of any special courtesy. If he cannot tell her to keep quiet, then he should step down as pm.
5. Dont forget.................
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (08.19.19)
She is a convicted criminal, what can you expect.................
6. Israel is not a monarchy, madam Netanyahu!
And personality cults are against the Torah. That lady is drunk with money and power and her behavior would be more fitting to Tajikistan, than to Israel.
7. I was holding out for some hard evidence to this lady's un-
bearable mode of behavior.
I think I am at the point at which I'm ready to say:
To hell with this diseased lot!
I am a faithful Likud voter, so I have to look elsewhere...
Fortunately there's the easy on the eyes/ears Mrs. Ayelet Shaked.
As to the Netanyahus: big thank you for job well done, but seriously- everything comes to an end and the END is now.
8. And maybe Sara is going through menopause ?????
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.19.19)
9. Elections r coming! VOTE HER OUT! & her husband too!
10. if pilot was insulted
eli   (08.19.19)
we don't know what happened; if Sara lashed out at the pilot, then it would be OK for the pilot to lash out at her. I have no problem with that.

and if she threw Ukrainian bread on the tarmac, bread is fattening so no problem here.

Wives of other pms did not seem much in the news save the odd mention. bibi would be wise to keep Sara out of the news, he should campaign alone because frankly I believe the public is fed up with her.She is not the queen and has not been elected to anything.

Bibi will lose votes with her by his side.
11. Major enemies of Israel: HAMAS, Hizbollah, Sara Netanyahu.
Piece Time ,   Tyre   (08.19.19)
12. El Al security will have to profile not only for
terrorism, but also for being Prime Minister’s spouse.
13. This entire affair must have been blown up by anti Netanyahu
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.19.19)

As they usually do they add details that never happened when the real story is much more benign.
14. She was gracious smiling & wearing Ukrainian Nationalcolors
BlindHate ,   Jerusalem   (08.19.19)
As sign of respect for the Ukrainian people .. If she is having stress problems it’s because of the cruel persecution of the evil Israeli media and sick comments found here... interesting NO COVERAGE BY MEDIA OF MOSES Of YNET COURT HEARING ON CORRUPTION.....just as usual the Netanyahus .. one of the most impoverished things Netanyahu did was to break the power of media tyrant Moses Of YNET
15. or may be invite the pilot to the loo
Zoe   (08.21.19)
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