Source: Israel will help Palestinians leave Gaza, if they have new country to go to
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.08.19, 08:04
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1. Israel provide them w. rafts and Spanish NGO takes to Italy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.20.19)
2. I'm on the limb here, but: SERIOUSLY?! Anyone insane enough
wanting to "enrich" their society with (probably) world's most vile people?!
But then again: would anyone have believed, that an "enlightened", free, Scandinavian country will without hesitation, proceed with dissolving itself as a sovereign nation?
Enter the stage (from the left): SWEDEN!!!!
3. Yossi Cohen would be a great PM..He has got everything
Alan ,   SA   (08.20.19)
He is involved in talks with M E countries. He is a very intellectual person He has a great presence. Lots we don't know about..He would be a great success on the international stage.I don't know his politics but in general, he is the man of the future..Watch him!
4. Kiev is the key to Bibi re-election? Yes it sure is!
TheWall   (08.20.19)
5. "Israel will help Palestinians leave Gaza"
What a stupid idea! Will Israel also offer a nice sum of money, for example, €5000 to help arabs who want to leave start their new lives in Paris, Brussels or Berlin?
6. "Palestinian" departure is the true solution
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.20.19)
"Palestinian" departure is the true solution to the problems of both Israel and "Palestinians". Not only from Gaza, but from all of Israel. It is great to see more and more wise people thinking that way. We need to take a REAL census of "Palestinians" to find out how many people we are dealing with and create a financial plan to foster their departure from our land.
7. Such obvious solution - what took you so long. BTW, ...
leo ,   usa   (08.20.19)
BTW, do the same for WB (just in case you are wondering).
8. Publishing NEEDED
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya   (08.20.19)
Make the offer to each of the EU countries and then publish their refusal. Do the same to the Arab countries and Iran.
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