Hamas to Israel: Let Qatari aid into Gaza or face renewed violence
Eyal Arbid
Published: 20.08.19, 12:23
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1. Threats, threats, and more threats.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.20.19)
Let's see. Hamas already sanctions violence by encouraging and supporting the weekly 'events' at the border, so it can't 'renew' the violence if it has never stopped.

To put it plainly, all Hamas has to do to turn Gaza into a peaceful and prosperous enclave is to be peaceful towards Israel. But it chooses not to.

Hamas has total control of the prosperity of Gaza. They just don't want to lose control and access to the money. They are a criminal organization, nothing more.

Demanding more electricity? More money?

Try being peaceful, Hamas. A carrot gets more than a stick.
2. Hamas is not a terrorist group,Israel is a terrorist entity
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.19)
Israel murders innocent civilians knowingly and deliberately, destroys the homes of innocent people and discriminates against people because of their religion
3. Violence may subside for a short time and renewed after aid
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.20.19)
4. Threatening
Who is threatening who and who is taking the initiative?
5. bibi says he is preparing massive campaign vs hamas
joe   (08.20.19)
of course bibi is lying when he say he is preparing a massive campaign against hamas. He has no stomach for war as his record in gaza was anemic, like that of lapid gantz and olmert. He is afraid of casualties. He simply is not a warrior like sharon was, not at all. Bibi is a small time fibber in my opinion.

He responds rocket for rocket, pays qatari cash as ransom and sends in all kinds of materiel, while expanding fishing zones.

He is as weak as gantz and lapid.

vote for bennett and shaked.

Another reason not to vote for bibi is his wife. Whatever the facts, the public is sick of her alleged deeds. vote for bennett.
6. One More Drink, I Promise
Ed ,   USA   (08.20.19)
Israel cannot give in to the threat of terror, and Hamas can no more be trusted to keep a promise than an alcoholic who promises that his next drink will be his last. Instead, link aid to concrete, verifiable achievements from Hamas, such as verification that aid will go to Gaza's poor and toward work opportunities in legitimate businesses--and not to line the pockets of Hamas operatives and for more arms purchases, as it has in the past
7. Test of USA Patriot Missiles
Daniel M Roth ,   Beachwood   (08.20.19)
Great testing of USA Patriot missiles.
8. This is what forever playin' around with Gaza earns thee
Cameron   (08.21.19)
Zero sympathy for Israel around this evil Gaza nonsense.

Disgraceful soap opera.
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