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Students sing Nazi song, give Hitler salute at California high school ceremony
Ayala Or-El
Published: 21.08.19, 22:59
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1. Most of future American Zombies are educated at their "Uni-
versities" (as mindless, leftist robots), but obviously other places produce idiots
of a different kind as well....
2. Hello Jews in America...wake up..
Al   (08.22.19)
The democratic party has thrown you under the bus.

Get a clue..get out..but you won't.. so guess what ...
3. Must schools discuss antiIslamic gesture with local Muslims
kms ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.19)
4. They probably don’t have a clue to the Nazi Regime history
Arnie ,   Montreal   (08.22.19)
If they did they would know they are celebrating LOSERS.
5. This is not just against Jews.....
DSM ,   USA   (08.22.19)
it is against all the brave men and women who fought the Nazi's. Realize the vast majority of students in the U.S. are no longer taught history and have little idea of the suffering brought on by Germany in WWII. Just as frightening as the students doing such a thing is the laxity of the schools in dealing out meaningful punishment. This act received little or no attention by the media nor national leaders. Sadly anti semitism is alive and well in the United States.
6. Their American grandparents would cry.
Truth ,   DC   (08.22.19)
7. Orange County CA? 'nuff said. Their Rightwingnut capital
miki ,   jerusalem   (08.22.19)
8. Has anyone ever given thought why so many young white males
WhatsTheSource?! ,   Jerusalem   (08.22.19)
Are turning to extremism people who were not brought up to be extremists I suggest some thought and fast be given to this
Excuses are made for all other ethnic extremists but not the young
Caucasian working class american...ditto in Israel the traditional and religious Jew marginalized by the elitist Tel Aviv Post Judaic Post Zionist
smug arrogant media bashing them will only backfire..,
9. This totally fake, PROPAGANDA.
NYC   (08.23.19)
People fake this garbage all the time to then justify actions destroying the people who they hate.
10. But they teach their 'ung ones "gender-neutrality" instead
of history & reality!
11. Ain't funny
Adolf ,   Papeete   (09.01.19)
So now kids in a school in California read Main Kampf and they decide to salute using the Nazi salute, well guess that's what's they call.freedom of speech ,there are groups all over Germany and US ,included those affiliated with Stormfront which they used in a daily basis.
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