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A hole in the heart of the Tel Aviv metropolis
Prof. Micha Klein, ZAVIT – Israel's Science and Environment News Agency
Published: 01.09.19, 08:05
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1. Humans first. Nature a distant last. But nature will have...
Vagabond ,   Van Nuys, CA   (09.01.19)
her revenge. You can bet on it.
2. Leave the cities! When the Big-Whatever comes, it'll be folk
out in the countryside, that'll still be able to stay in their homes& go to toilet!
You, proud owners of a 28th floor Penthouse won't!
In war & catastrophe- times, it is always preferable to be far away from big hubs!
So instead of piling up those condos (at unreasonable prices) get a grip dear government: enforce some general planning for our country.
We're the "smart" people, remember?
3. Israel no longer relies on aquifers for drinking water
Jake   (09.01.19)
The vast majority of its drinking water needs are met by desalination.
4. Why the clickbait of Kikar HaMedina? You are BS artists.
NYC   (09.03.19)
There is nothing happening, NO sinkhole in Kikar HaMedina. This is another example of the agenda game of LIARS.
5. Tel AvivS “hole in the heart is ”it’s missing Jewish Soul
CityOfDarkness ,   Jerusalem   (09.17.19)
6. “ Hole” could it just be one of Tel Aviv’s many Sewers ?!
HiRiseToiletCity ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.19)
7. Who
Gentiler ,   Papeete   (09.26.19)
Maybe this hole is the work of Hezbollah!!#
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