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Seven sweet spots for summer treats
Buzzy Gordon
Published: 21.08.19, 21:20
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1. Doesn't anyone get out of Tel Aviv ? It's not the only city
barbara ,   Haifa   (08.22.19)
in Israel ....
2. Well said Barbara , thank you
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.22.19)
There IS life outside Tel Aviv.
3. McDonalds makes tasty Ice Cream
TEL EM STRAIGHT ,   SAFED   (08.22.19)
The various branches of McDonalds in Israel, many of which are kosher ,make delicious ice cream for just a few shekels.
4. Blikemach has kosher certification
For people looking for Kosher, Blikemach is kosher and has certification. The article says there's no certification, which is incorrect.
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